Terms & Conditions

Costume College 2020 Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply between Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. (“CGW”) and those persons registering for and participating in CGW’s Events (“Participant”).

1. PAYMENT: Billing and payment processing for CGW’s events is performed by Member Solutions, Inc. The phrase “MSI*COSTUMERSGUILDWESTIN 8882448044 ONLINE REG FEE” or “MSI*COSTUMERSGUILDWESTIN” will appear on your bank or credit card statement. Any returned payment will be assessed a $25.00 fee. Any unsuccessful electronic transaction is subject to a $10.00 processing fee. MSI is not responsible for any bank fees incurred by Customer. MSI has the sole right to resubmit returned or declined items (plus applicable fees) without prior notice. BILLING INQUIRIES — 888-244-8044 or by mail to PO Box 297, Hatboro, PA 19040.

2. TERMS: By registering for this Event, Participant agrees to comply fully and completely with all terms and conditions hereof, any event-specific rules at the Event webpage or otherwise announced, and CGW’s rules and regulations.

3. PRICING: CGW Member and Sister Guild Member rates apply to members of CGW and Sister groups ONLY, not to guests and/or family. Guild membership will be confirmed before accepting any Registration Application with discounted rates. If a registrant’s guild membership is not current, the registrant will be notified and will have 30 days to renew their guild membership. If the registrant’s guild membership is not made current within the 30 days the Costume College registration and/or Time Traveler’s Gala and Fantasy Tea tickets will be cancelled and all fees less 5.5% processing fee will be returned via check.

4. AVAILABILITY: While the last day to register for Costume College and/or purchase tickets to the Time Traveler’s Gala and Fantasy Tea is June 14, 2020, space at Costume College and tickets for the Time Traveler’s Gala and Fantasy Tea are limited and may sell out prior to this date.  No Time Traveler’s Gala or Fantasy Tea tickets will be sold at the door.

5. CLASSES: Some of the classes offered at Costume College are limited in the number of students who can attend; therefore a separate preregistration form is required to be returned by May 2, 2020.  (This form is included in the registration packet that will be sent in April 2020.) Those registering for Costume College after May 2, 2020 will not be eligible to preregister for the limited attendance classes. Certain limited attendance classes not filled during the preregistration process will be made available at Costume College. Complete details will be posted at www.costumecollege.net in July 2020.

6. AGE: All attendees under the age of 18 must present signed permission from a parent or guardian to attend. Please contact the Registrar for form. If under the age of 16 the attendee must ALSO be accompanied by an ADULT, who must remain on the premises for the entire time the minor is present. Adult attendents MAY ONLY PARTICIPATE IN CLASSES, LECTURES AND OTHER NON-OPEN TO THE PUBLIC COSTUME COLLEGE EVENTS IF THEY HAVE PAID FULL REGISTRATION FEES. Any attendee under 18, who wishes to attend a Tour must be accompanied by an adult (additional fees will apply).

7. REFUNDS: Costume College Registration fees are refundable less a 10% processing fee if the request for a refund is received before June 14, 2020. Refund requests received between June 15, 2020 and July 29, 2020 will be refunded less a 20% processing fee. Tickets to the Time Traveler’s Gala and Fantasy Tea are refundable (less a $10.00 processing fee) through June 14, 2020. To request a refund please contact the Registrar at cocoregistrar@nullyahoo.com or Costumer’s Guild West, Inc Attn: Costume College, 1988 La Cresta Rd., El Cajon, CA 92021. All refunds will be issued by check.

8. TRANSFERS: Costume College Registrations, Time Traveler’s Gala tickets and Fantasy Tea tickets are transferrable. The deadline for all TRANSFERS is July 24, 2020. For transfers made after June 14, 2020 the Buyer will not be guaranteed a personalized name badge and their check-in packets and/or tickets will be available for pick up at the Check-in or Information Desk beginning July 30, 2020. To request a transfer please contact the Registrar at cocoregistrar@nullyahoo.com or Costumer’s Guild West, Inc Attn: Costume College, 1988 La Cresta., El Cajon, CA 92021. The transferring party’s (Seller’s) request must include the name and address of the person the Costume College registration and/or tickets are being transferred to (Buyer).  By requesting a transfer, the Seller acknowledges that she/he has received full payment from the Buyer and that both the Seller and Buyer acknowledges that Costume College®/CGW, Inc. has no responsibility for arranging such payment. No Costume College registration or ticket may be transferred for an amount greater than the original purchase price.  If the Buyer is not eligible for the price paid by the Seller (discount), the Buyer must pay the applicable differential to CGW, Inc. before she/he may participate in the transferred event.

No CGW Event ticket or registration may be transferred for more than the original ticket price. Any holder of a CGW Event ticket who sells it for a greater amount than her/his original purchase price shall be banned from attendance at all CGW Events for a period of three years.

9. PHOTOGRAPHS: As is customary at many of our events, photographs of participants and their guests are taken and posted online.  There are so many people taking photos that there is a real possibility that your photograph may be taken by us or attendees and thereafter posted on the Web or otherwise displayed.  By attending Costume College, you give your consent to the posting and display of such photographs by us or others and waive all rights and claims with respect to the posting or display of such photographs.

While we have no control over other peoples’ websites, CGW, Inc. does not list names with the photos on our website.  If you would like your photo removed from our website, please contact the Web Team.

It is harassment to continue to photograph someone who specifically asks you not to take photographs of her or him or her or his belongings. If someone asks you not to take such a photo, please comply with her or his request.

10. PROGRAM: CGW reserves the right to substitute speakers, presenters, facilities, venue and/or any program to be offered at the Event at any time.

11. UNAVAILABILITY; FORCE MAJEURE: CGW will use reasonable efforts to hold the Event. However, you acknowledge that under no circumstances will CGW be responsible for unavailability caused by circumstances beyond CGW’s reasonable control. In the case of a failure to hold the Event, CGW will offer a refund to Participant.

12. CGW reserves the right to refuse attendance to any individual at any of its Events. Failure to comply with CGW’s rules and regulations is grounds for immediate dismissal from the Event. Persons dismissed from the Event shall not be entitled to a refund.

Rev. 10/9/19