Freshman Orientation

ATTENTION FRESHMEN: We are  here to help you!

Freshman Orientation CoCo 2015 Collage
2015 Costume College Freshman Orientation || Left Photo Credit: Caitlin Shindler || Right Photo Credit: Rebecca Thelin

First of all, let us say “Welcome! We’re so glad you’ve decided to join us for one of our favorite annual events! You’re going to LOVE it!”  There’s an air of excitement and maybe some nervousness, especially if you don’t know anyone! We feel your pain; we’re relative newbies ourselves. With more than a decade of Costume College experience between the two of us, we understand your situation, and we want to help!

There might come a moment when you think…”I wish I knew where to start and how to get the most out of this experience.” We have just the class for you! If you can spare an hour on Friday morning, (before classes start, so you won’t miss a thing,) we can help direct you in all that is Costume College related. Bring your questions, your fears and your sense of humor (and we wouldn’t say no to a Hot Chocolate from Starbucks,) and come check it out!

Do you know where to go for your classes and events? What about the pre, post and even non-Gala Saturday night excitement? Bonus Track -related classes? What does this word mean? What do I do if I forgot a needed item at home? Yes, we have the answers and so much more… Marketplace tips, who does what, and how we managed to get ourselves this involved so young in our College careers! Let our knowledge and experiences be yours to learn from.

Get your weekend off to a great start by joining us for Freshman Orientation on Friday Morning at 8:00 AM.