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FIDM Research Access

Access to the FIDM Collection

I’m so excited! How do I arrange for an appointment?

Any CGW member with an up-to-date membership can call or email the Museum to set up an appointment with the museum. The curator or the assistant curator will assist you in determining if they have an object that suits your needs, if you do not have a specific object that you already know to be in the collection. They will set an appointment with you for a one-hour examination of the object(s).

The museum allows up to 10 items to be viewed in your one-hour visit. However, you may want to select fewer items, in order to actually have time for in-depth study. Similarly, they allow three people, but you may want to limit it to just yourself, or yourself and one person to take photos for you, as the space is somewhat tight. Please do not bring children to your appointment.

In order to preserve the objects in the collection, it is essential that all visitors observe the following guidelines:

  • All coats, bags, backpacks, umbrellas, etc. are prohibited in museum storage. Please leave these objects in the Museum office area.
  • For reasons of space and security, it is not possible to accommodate more than three persons during each appointment.
  • Do not chew gum or consume food or beverages (including water) while viewing the objects.
  • Please wash your hands before viewing the collection. Gloves will be provided for touching objects.
  • Please remove sharp jewelry and long necklaces, which could possibly snag on objects.
  • Please tie back long hair.
  • Please exercise EXTREME care when handling all objects. If necessary, please allow the museum staff to handle objects.
  • Only pencils may be used for taking notes or sketching.
  • Photography:
    • Use only cameras in which the flash mechanism can be turned off.
    • Please be sure you are familiar with the operation of your camera before your appointment. Appointments will not be rescheduled on the same day due to camera difficulty.
    • Please note that the Museum is lighted with fluorescent fixtures.
    • Images may be used for personal research only. No photos or sketches may be published in print or online without the express permission of the FIDM Museum Curator.


FIDM may ask you to fill out and send them a Research Appointment Request Form.

Contact the curator:

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
Kevin Jones, curator
919 South Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90015
213-623-5821 est. 3367

What is the Helen Larsen Collection?

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