CGW is a club for amateurs and professionals who like to make historical, science fiction, or fantasy costumes.

Login troubleshooting

How do I log in?

On the main CGW webpage, click on the “members only” menu item at the top of the page. You should see a place to type your username that has a silhouette of a person. Type or copy & paste your username from the email you received. Next you should see a silhouette of a key. Type or copy & paste your password from the email you received. Select “Login.”

Now I see a weird page with colorbars. How do I get to the site?

This is the WordPress user page. It lets you select what colors you see in the menus or change your password. In the upper left corner, you should see “Costumers Guild West, Inc.” Click on those words to go back to the main CGW page.

But I’m still not in the members only area.

On the main page, you should notice that in the upper right corner, it says “Howdy, (your name).” Once you see your name in that spot, you are logged in. Use your mouse to hover over the “members only” menu item (don’t click on it), and you will see a drop-down list with meeting minutes, Squeals (the unredacted version), and information on obtaining an appointment for research of the Helen Larson collection.

I don’t have a username & password.

You must be a current member-in-good-standing (dues paid) to receive a username & password. The passwords are being sent out beginning January 2015. Once all the current members have received passwords, new members will be sent passwords sometime in the month following payment of dues, as long as we have a correct email address for you. If it’s been more than a month, and you still haven’t received a password, contact the webmaster.

I have a username & password, but it doesn’t work.

Please check to see if your dues are up to date. If your dues are up to date, and you still can’t access the members only section with the username & password that was emailed to you, contact the webmaster.

Why can’t I choose my own Username?

Because spammers are jerks. The only way that we are able to allow our members access while denying access to autobots, spammers, and other ne’er do wells is to make up the name for you. Blame the bad guys.

Why can’t I choose my own Password?

You can choose your own password on the WordPress user page. If you change it, we will not be able to remind you of what it is, but we also won’t be able to log in as you. (Although I can’t see the benefit of logging in as someone else!) If you forget your password, we will have to go in and reset one or you.


If you have further questions, you can contact the webmaster.