Teacher Reception and Breakfast

Teacher Reception and Check-In

Please join your fellow teachers in Hidden Hills (in-between the hotel’s reception desk and the concierge’s desk, just off the lobby) on Thursday at 6:30pm for a Teacher Reception and Teacher Check-In. If you are a teacher AND a student, your check-in will also be in Hidden Hills, as that is where your check-in materials will be together. This is an opportunity to meet your fellow teachers, ask questions of and meet your Teacher Liaison, solve any concerns concerning equipment with an Operations representative or just get a nibble and beverage before the Pool Party starts. Mela, our President, will be there to assist with introductions, if needed. For those teachers unable to attend on Thursday night, your check-in materials will be available for you at Information starting Friday morning at 7:30 AM and continuing throughout the weekend.

Morning Teacher Hospitality

Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, from 7:30AM to 9:00 AM, Hidden Hills will be open for teachers ONLY with coffee, tea, water and a “continental breakfast”. All you will need for entrance is your teacher ribbon, which will be in your check-in materials. A Costume College representative will also be there to answer any questions that may have arisen or to help solve any problems. Please come and have a comfy seat each morning and the opportunity again to meet with your fellow teachers.