Teacher FAQs

Who are our Teachers?

Our Teachers range from the costuming hobbyist to professionals all of whom volunteer their time to share their knowledge, skills, and talent with other like-minded individuals.  Many of our Teachers have taught at Costume College before, while others will be teaching for the first time this year.  The classes taught by our Teachers range from short (1 to 2 hour) lectures to all day workshops.  Many of our Teachers choose to register for Costume College as a student so that they may attend classes taught by others.  However, registering for Costume College is not required to volunteer to teach.

Do you pay teachers?

No, we do not provide monetary compensation for teaching. Our teachers are volunteers; therefore, we show our appreciation by providing a variety of benefits like complimentary registration and the opportunity to register early.  For details on what we will be providing to this year’s teachers please see the Teacher Benefits section.

Why are teachers being given free registration, and not offered a check for the same amount to spend as we please?

At this time, Costumer’s Guild West has opted against providing monetary compensation. Due to the state of California’s complex labor laws providing monetary compensation implies an employee/employer relationship and/or may be considered taxable income.  Therefore, we are choosing to keep the legal designation for all Teachers, Board Members, and Committee members as volunteers.   As such, we are offering complementary student registration prior to the event (instead of payment by check). 

How are the classes/teachers selected?
Each year we select from a list of classes that have been submitted by the individuals wishing to teach them. Many factors go into the selection process; everything from popularity of the topic to the length of the class and format (workshop, lecture, demo) to teacher availability.  The schedule is created at the Wall Party – named for the large grids placed on the walls so that the classroom, time, and class information can be seen together.  The Wall Party is attended by the Programming (Teacher and Student Liaisons), Dean, Assistant Dean, Hotel Liaison, and CGW President.

How can I teach at Costume College?
By submitting a teacher volunteer form to the Programming department! In December the Teacher Liaison for Programming will ask you submit a class proposal form which will need to be returned by the middle of January. You can submit proposals for more than one class.  We cannot guarantee that everyone who submits a proposal will have one or all of their classes put on the schedule.

For more questions about the class submission/proposal process, or to get on the teacher list if you have never taught before, email the Teacher Liaison at cocoteachers@nullgmail.com.