July 25-29, 2019, Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills, CA

Registration FAQ

Can I attend any of the classes without having a College Membership? 
Emphatically NO. Unless you have a membership in Costume College, you may not attend any classes or participate in any tours. You may come to the Gala or Tea if you have purchased a ticket for those events, and anyone may come into the Costumer’s Marketplace to shop, but you may not attend any other event, class, program, or tour presented at or by Costume College without a membership.

Can I buy a Membership for only one day of College? 
Yes, but only at the event.  (Single day passes are not sold ahead of time.)  Single day passes will be available for purchase Thursday evening during Check-in Hours at the On-Site Registration Desk or at the Information Desk on FridaySaturday and Sunday.  Please see the Registration page after July 1st for pricing and complete details.

I bought my Costume College Membership. What happens next? 
Once you purchase your membership, we will send you a Welcome letter and receipt.  If you do not receive confirmation of your membership purchase within four weeks, please contact our Registrar to inquire about your membership status.

In April you will receive your Registration Packet, including a Registration Booklet, Limited Attendance Class sign-up form, and lots of other important information. The Limited Attendance Class sign-up form must be filled out and returned by the date on the form. There may be other forms in the Packet that you will need to complete and return to us as well.

If you submitted a Limited Attendance class sign-up form, you will receive a letter from us in late May or early June informing you of which Limited Attendance classes you will be able to take. You must mail any required fees back to us by the date stated, approximately two weeks.  If someone fails to pay their class fee(s) in the specified time, that class spot is given to someone on the waiting list for that class.

If you purchase your membership after April 1st you will receive your Welcome Letter and receipt with your Registration Packet.

How many people can attend Costume College? 
We generally limit our student attendance at Costume College to around 550, due to space in the hotel and the number of classes we are able to offer. This is why we often sell out months before the event and why we recommend early purchase of Costume College memberships.

I really want to go Costume College, but I heard it’s sold out! What do I do?
It’s probably just a rumor. Costume College only sold out one year, when we were in a much smaller hotel. It hasn’t sold out yet in our current, roomy location. If we did sell out, we would have it listed on the splash page of our website and at our registration link.

I sent in my check but I haven’t received confirmation of my Membership. Whom should I contact? 
Please contact our Registrar who knows all regarding who is coming and who has purchased what.

 My Registration application and check were returned to me. What happened? 
Most likely, the box that you were asked to check to confirm that you had read the “Fine Print” was left blank. Please read the “Fine Print” and check the box. Then send us your form again. Please contact the Registrar if more information is needed.