Red Carpet

Costume College 2021: Gala Red Carpet

Saturday, July 31st, 2021, Costume College 2021 will host a Virtual Gala Red Carpet, to be streamed and viewed online at 6PM.

If you would like to be featured in the Red Carpet, we’d love to have you! Please read the rules for submission carefully – If you don’t match the other submissions, we may not be able to add you into the video, and we would be so sad not to see your costume!

Wear whatever costume you want to show off! This can be what you had planned to wear to the gala, or something you’ve made in previous years or for other events. It can be the fanciest gown, the most outrageous creature, or even a cunning little day dress you made to be casual in. Choose your best, as we may limit each costumer to one submission so everyone gets a chance.

What to record and send in:

Please send a video to the following specification no later than Wednesday, July 21, 2021, to website: and enter as the “email to” address. In the notes section, give your name, and your costume’s name as you would like them to appear credited – we’re mostly going to “cut and paste” to avoid misspellings.

*Only use your camera phone to record in HD resolution – no fancy gear needed.

*You may ONLY use “tall” portrait mode so everyone’s entry matches. Please don’t submit in “widescreen” landscape mode, or we won’t be able to use it. If you have frame settings, use [9:16] size.

*Use a tripod, prop up your camera or have someone with a steady hand record you.

* Your video should be no longer than 20 seconds. Audio will not be used.

Please enter the frame from camera left and step to the center of the frame. When centered, you can turn around to show the sides and back of your costume. If you like, you can walk toward the camera to get a closeup on a certain area of your costume. Walk back to the center of the frame, and exit the frame toward camera right. In pictographic terms:

General guidelines:

Show us your personality! Experiment with your recording until you are happy with your performance; we will use what you send, with minimal to no correction for lighting or other issues. Exterior (outside) shots usually yield better lighting, and recording in morning and afternoon – when the sun is in front of you but not directly overhead – yields better results. If you record indoors, be as well-lit from the front as you can.

For an example of last year’s video to get a feel for what we’re doing, go here:

Hope to see lots of you on the catwalk!

–Colleen and Shawn Crosby, Gala Chairs