Red Carpet

Saturday starting at 5:30pm  in the Main Hallway

The Red Carpet walk is open to all Costume College members, teachers, and volunteers, regardless of costume or experience. This event is open to the public for viewing. Your picture will be taken and may be posted on the internet. There is a chance we may be LiveStreaming the Red Carpet, so please be aware if you are participating. More in your Pocket Program at College.

You begin your Red Carpet adventure in the Hidden Hills VIP Lounge. From there, a Red Carpet Host, wearing a red sash, will escort you to the start of the Red Carpet. More red-sashed Hosts will guide you throughout your Red Carpet journey. On the Red Carpet, onlookers may snap photos of your stunning creation. After walking the Red Carpet, you will receive your ribbon and be directed by a Host to the professional photography salon, the Gala bar, the DIY photography studio, or to join the audience to view the parade of beautiful ensembles.

Not interested in walking down the Red Carpet but would like to see the amazing costumes? We encourage you to join the evening’s excitement. Gather along the length of the Red Carpet to applaud your fellow costumers or bring your cameras to the “paparazzi” stations to take photos.

As always, there is a bypass lane around the Red Carpet. Please be mindful not to block this lane for any reason, as it is also for staff use and fire safety. Please remember to follow the posted Red Carpet Etiquette so that everyone can enjoy the glorious parade of achievement. Be courteous to our guests and do not halt them for photos on their journey to the Red Carpet, as we have a parade of more than 300 Opulent Venetians who need to walk the Red Carpet in less than an hour!