Fabulous Raffle Prizes at Costume College

Every year at Costume College raffle tickets are sold to support our CGW Scholarship Fund.  For this year there are some wonderful prizes on offer.

It’s simple to buy raffle tickets for the prizes that will be given away Saturday night at 8:30 when the Gala is open to all Costume College attendees for dancing. Buy your tickets from the roaming raffles staff and volunteers or from the Information Desk on Saturday.  Ticket prices are $1 for one ticket, or $5 for six tickets. You will be able to view our dazzling display of prizes near the entrance to the ballroom before and during the Gala.  Place your tickets in the ticket boxes for the prizes you hope to win (of course, the more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning).  Then enjoy the thrill of victory when your number is called at the Gala!

So don’t forget: raffle tickets will be available on Saturday at the Information Desk, and near the display of prizes outside ballroom after it is set up Saturday afternoon.  Cash or checks payable to CGW are accepted.  Ticket sales will continue until the drawing is held after the Gala dinner, when the Gala has opened to the general membership for dancing. Come in the entrance to the ballroom to join in during the drawings.  You and your winning ticket(s) MUST BE PRESENT to win!

Thank you ahead of time from the CGW for contributing to the scholarship fund through your purchase of raffle tickets.

–Wendy Robinson-Herrera, Raffles Mistress