Message from the CGW Board

The Costumer’s Guild West Board of Directors has just finished an all day meeting discussing many of the concerns expressed on the Internet and via emails over the past couple of weeks. We are now going back to our lawyer to verify that our solutions are within the scope of our 501(c)3 educational classification.

One current issue we can address is why Costume College tuition was raised by $20.00 for 2020. Costume College’s tuition was raised this year $20.00 because the hotel has raised their rates by 10%. Hotels usually raise their food and beverage rates along with their general conference rates 7-10% each year and Costumer’s Guild West has absorbed this increase for the last few years. The last time the rate for Costume College was increased was in 2017.

What we can also report on at this time is the photography and service animal policies will be on our website within a week. We have also made further advancements to last year’s teacher reimbursement policy. The 2020 reimbursement policy will be published on the Costume College website as soon as the details are reviewed by our CGW lawyer and feedback has been provided. In addition to teacher reimbursement, the Board is looking into other ways to better express our appreciation to our teachers during Costume College 2020.

We also understand that some of our long standing Costume College policies are not known by many of our members and need to be outlined on our website. These additions will be made within the next few months as we assess and update. This will take time and we appreciate your patience.

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