Looking Forward / Looking Back

It is incredibly fascinating to look back 10 years ago when I was Dean of Costume College 2009 and read what I wrote to everyone for the December 2008 Squeals issue.  I can say that though the message hasn’t changed much, there is a lot more to communicate because of all the changes we are making this year.

As in 2008, I want you to reiterate some fabulous things to look forward to as students, teachers, and volunteers for Costume College 2019.  The new Programming Chair for Teachers and I met and spent hours talking about what sort of classes we want and hope to see for this coming year.  The Theme What’s That Fabric took last year’s Bonus Track by storm and the feedback was so positive, we intend on repeating much of what was taught before, mainly to give everyone an opportunity to learn all about fabrics.  The Bonus Track for this year:  Celebrating Women-The 100thAnniversary of American Women’s Suffrage will see a lot of traction for classes as well, including some educational ones on how the movement continued through the years after the 20s, and it’s influence on fashion. 

Please take a moment to look through our website and our Facebook event pages to get a good idea of what our Department Chairs are planning for each event. As you are all probably aware, we are planning a new event for Friday night, and even something special for Sunday after the Tea (more on that later).  Our Pool Party is going to be out of this world, literally, and the Gala and Sunday Breakfast ideas are shaping up quite nicely.  We hope to have more articles on each event as we get closer to Costume College. 

Thank you to all who have volunteered to be on the Committee.  Our Committee list has shaped up quite nicely and I look forward to working with everyone.  If you are still interested in helping, please reach out to our Volunteers Chair (email address on the website) and let her know you’d like to help out at College.  Everyone who has volunteered so far has been wonderfully animated, excited for next year, and have given some wonderful feedback on planning for 2019.  Thank you for your support and lively discussion! 

I wish everyone a wonderfully relaxing Holiday and a Happy New Year!  May your 2019 be as exciting and productive as you plan it to be!

–From Costume College Dean Maegen Hensley 

CoCo Dean, Maegan, in Santa hat
Santa Photo 2010
Santa Photo 2018

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