Letter From the Dean

A feeling of deja vu happened Wednesday evening when I received a call from our new CGW President, Tracey Gorin.  She called to let me know I needed to write an article for Squeals regarding Costume College 2021 and share some changes we have planned for the coming year.  As I was there on the phone, I couldn’t help but think “Wait, haven’t I done this already?”  It seems like only a few months ago I was rushing to gather my 2020 Committee and plan our evening theme parties! I could swear it was only weeks ago, where we were selecting our teachers and scheduling classes.  And it seems like  only yesterday when 2020 registration books were sent to the printers so we could mail them off to attendees.  Until bam!  April came, and we hit the brakes and Costume College 2020 came to a screening halt.

But here we are, still in the middle of this mess.  Yes, the dust really hasn’t settled down yet, but the show must go on!  I know I have to get back on the saddle again and start planning for next year.  The official month to start planning Costume College is in September.  It takes a team almost one year to plan for this big event.  Now most of the work has been done and I am super grateful for my Assistant Dean, Gina Cowley, and my 2020 Committee for agreeing to work with me again next year.  We do not know what the future holds for us but we have to start planning like if all will return to normal come July 2021. 

Maybe some of you noticed on our website I changed my theme title.  Fear not friends, I will be keeping with the same era.  Our new title is, “A World in Change 1910-1919”  We will continue with the same theme parties as 2020.  So for those who have been working on their costumes or finished their costumes no worry, you can still wear them in 2021! One of the big changes we are making is moving registration from November 1st to sometime in early March 2021.  I am excited that CGW Board of Directors have agreed to this new change. I think this is better for all of us at this point.  By Spring 2021, we will hopefully have a better understanding of what we can expect our summer to be and if we can even hold our event at the hotel.  Another great thing is we will have our registration book and classes up online so you can check out what we have planned before you purchase your 2021 student registration and tickets to the gala and tea. 

Now, we are still in need of volunteers to assist in a few departments.  If you love planning a party, or you want to meet more costume minded friends please email me.  During this time most of our meeting will be online so it doesn’t matter where you live.  Our first committee meeting is set for Sunday November 15, 2020.  If you are interested send me an email at costumecollegedean@nullgmail.com

Thank you all for your patience as we deal with all the new and unforeseen changes that I know will pop up between now and then.  My team and I will work hard on keeping you all up to date on our website and on social media. Until then, keep safe and keep sewing!

–Geri Rex, Costume College Dean, 2021