Costumer’s Guild West, Inc.
1917 Crestshire Drive
Glendale, CA 91208

Please remember that all Costume College committee members are volunteers. It usually takes about 48 hours for us to return your e-mail.

Costume College Dean:  Geri Rex

Assistant Dean:  Gina Cowley

Registrar:  Becca Metzger, assisted by Annette Grace

Treasurer:  Eileen Smolenski

Hotel Liaison:  Maegen Hensley, assisted by Bridget Bradley-Scaife

CGW President:  Mela Hoyt-Heydon

CGW Vice president:  Danelle Garrison


Bargain Basement:  Carolyn Richardson, assisted by Jonnalyhn Wolfcat Prill

Caught On Camera:  Cindy Piselli , assisted by Sarah Pierce

Check-in:  Gina Cowley, assisted by Maureen McQuinn

Exhibits:  Cynthia Aronin

Hospitality:  TBD

Information:  Sara Bacon, assisted by Heidi Pritchett

Marketplace:  Lois Munera, assisted by Kristian Munera

Tours-Fabric District:  Natalie Meyer, assisted by Cheryl Avirom

Tours-Costume Safari:  Natalie Meyer, assisted by Cheryl Avirom

Volunteers:  Jill Woiteshek, assisted by Angela Mesh


Thursday Welcome Party:  Jane Cadieux, assisted by Scott Tickler

Friday Night Event:  Dorothy O’Hare

Gala:  Colleen & Shawn Crosby

Sunday Breakfast:  Jennifer Rosbrugh

Sunday Tea:  Danelle Garrison

CGW Mixer:  Mela Hoyt-Hayden

Behind the Scenes

Operations:  Angel Kirvin, assisted by Shawn Crosby

Programming-Teachers:  Tana Donaghy, assisted by Lauren Dedow

Programming-Students:  Tracey Gorin, assisted by Karen Norris

Publications:  Sara Reeve, assisted by Rebecca Lowell

Raffles:  Wendy Robinson-Herrera

Roommates:  Teri Barela

Social Media:  Rebecca Thelin, assisted by Julie Fox

Social Media-Apps:  Heather Pritchett, assisted by Gillian Bailey

Website:  Gillian Bailey, assisted by Colleen Crosby