July 25-29, 2019, Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills, CA


Costumer’s Guild West, Inc.
1917 Crestshire Drive
Glendale, CA 91208

Please remember that all Costume College committee members are volunteers. It usually takes about 48 hours for us to return your e-mail.

Costume College Dean: Valarie LaBore

Assistant Dean: Maegen Hensley

Registrar: Becca Metzger, Assisted by Annette Grace

Treasurer: Annette Grace; bookkeeper Natalie Meyer

Hotel Liaison: Maegen Hensley

CGW President: Mela Hoyt-Heydon

CGW Vice president: Cynthia Aronin



Bargain Basement: Carolyn Richardson, assisted by Tao Will

Caught On Camera: Birda Nichols, assisted by Sarah Pierce

Check-in: Assisted by Gina Cowley, assisted by Sarah Pierce

Exhibits: Cynthia Aronin, assisted by Lana Bailey

Hospitality: Stephen Saunders, assisted by the Historical Tea & Dance Society

Information: Sara Bacon, assisted by Heidi Pritchett, MaryAnn Jones & Zoe Jones

Marketplace: Lois Munera

Portrait Studio: Sandy Manning & Andrew Schmidt

Tours-Fabric District: Natalie Meyer

Tours-Costume Safari: ******

Volunteers: Tana Donaghy, assisted by Kristen Foggie



Thursday Pool Party: Jess Miller

Friday Night Social: Kristen Foggie, assisted by Joyce Bolin

Gala: Jennifer Mulvey & Ed Morlan

Sunday Breakfast: Denise Hendricks

Sunday Tea: Cindy Piselli, assisted by Birda Nichols

CGW Mixer: Mela Hoyt-Hayden


Behind the Scenes

Operations: Eileen Smolenski, assisted by Pat Smolenski & Allison Lockart

Programming-Teachers: Maria Aceituno, assisted by Jane Cadieux & Andy Schmidt

Programming-Students: Tracey Gorin, assisted by Karen Norris

Publications: Sara Reeve, assisted by Rebecca Lowell

Raffles: Darlene Grodske

Roommates: Amy Randall

Social Media: Rebecca Thelin, assisted by Julie Fox & Geri Rex

Social Media-Apps: Heather Pritchett

Website: Colleen Crosby & Gillian Bailey