Calling All Teachers!!!!

The excitement is building, and the teams are assembling. We will begin accepting class proposals on December 3, 2018 and the last day to submit will be January 14, 2019. Please mark these dates on your calendar.

My name is Tana Donaghy and I’m your Programming Teacher Liaison for this year’s college. My assistants are Lauren Dedow and Angela Mash. We look forward to working with all our wonderful teachers to bring together a glorious Costume College. Please send any questions and to submit form to

Call for class proposals available here.

Whether you have taught for many years or just started to share your expertise and knowledge, I want to extend an invitation to join us again this year at the 27th Annual Costume College. The success of Costume College® is reliant on our many wonderful and generous volunteer teachers. We are looking forward to seeing what wonderful new skills, knowledge and talents will be shared this year.  Please start thinking about the classes you would like to present.

The Theme is “What’s That Fabric?!?” with the bonus Track “Celebrating Women- 100 Year Anniversary of American Woman’s Suffrage”

Following the success of fabric focused classes from last year. Please continue to consider how you can incorporate the knowledge of fabric and textiles into your class.  We want to once again, dedicate a certain percentage of Costume College classes to this theme. We will also have a return of the swatch books. If your class lends itself to fabric exploration, please consider providing swatches for students.

Besides the fabulous classes from last year, we’ve generated several new ideas provided by attendees: Take a look at some of the ideas below to stir up your creativity:

  • 18c stays,
  • Heirloom machine sewing,
  • Hand sewn glove making,
  • An evolution of lace as an outfit,
  • Chatelaines and/or watch chains,
  • History Of How Synthetics Were Formed,
  • Differences Between Silks And Usages,
  • You Don’t Always Have to Be Historically Accurate,
  • Suggested Fabrics for Shoe Coverings,
  • Common Fabrics for Victorian Bonnets,
  • Death Becomes Her–A Century of Mourning,
  • How to Wear Men’s Clothes,
  • Difference Between Ascot, Tie, and Cravat,
  • Victorian Hair Jewelry,
  • Space Armory (light Sabers, etc.),
  • Creating an Anime Character,
  • Places To Wear Costumes,
  • What Fabrics Were Used To Support a Cause-Victorian Suffragette,
  • How Suffragettes Used Fashion To Further Their Cause,
  • The Colors Of Women’s Suffrage,
  • Distressing Fabrics,
  • Basic Sewing Tools And Techniques,
  • Thread: Kinds And Uses,
  • Cotton Bends And Real Cottons And What To Watch For,
  • Identifying Fabrics By Hand (Touch),
  • Futuristic Designs For Modern Designs,
  • Fashioning The Body Politic,
  • How Underwear Has Shaped Woman’s Lives

If any of these ideas have sparked and interest and you would like to submit it as a class or you know someone who would be amazing at teaching a class on one of these ideas, please let me know and I will reach out to them specifically.  The programming team will be finalizing classes in the middle of February.

We are so excited to see what you come up with. You can submit your class proposal at any time between Dec 3rd and January 14th.  Don’t wait until the last minute. I am working on some extra treats for all teachers this year. And if there is anything that you feel would make the experience smoother or better, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you in advance for sharing so much of yourself in making this a dynamic experience for all.

Tana Donaghy
Programming Teacher Liaison