Calling All Teachers!!!!

Calling All Teachers!!!!

Submit your proposal at

The success of Costume College® is reliant on our many wonderful and generous volunteer teachers. Whether you have taught for many years or have just started to share your expertise and knowledge, we want to extend an invitation to join us again this year at the 28th Annual Costume College. We welcome classes based on all areas of costuming: from basic sewing skills to advanced armour fabrication, from historical to fantasy costuming. We are looking forward to seeing what wonderful new skills, knowledge, and talents will be shared this year.

The primary theme for 2021 is “A World in Change 1910-1919” and the bonus track is “The Twenties!”. We have gathered class ideas from both the Costume College Dean and from the students: Take a look at the list for inspiration and start thinking about what class you might like to present. Have you researched a new topic or learned a new skill during quarantine? Come share it with us! We are so excited to see what you come up with.

Class Ideas:

  • Titanic era fashion and history
  • World War I uniforms
  • Silent movies and 1910’s Hollywood glamour
  • Jacket and Waistcoat Tailoring
  • How to drape clothing
  • Trims Galore! Self-fabric, soutache, rouleaux, ribbon, beading
  • Wig care and styling for different eras
  • Sewing welt pockets
  • Glove making
  • Millinery techniques
  • Caring for and recovering parasols
  • Corset and stay making classes from all eras
  • Costuming and business experience panels
  • Making accessories (purses, jewelry, headpieces, fans, muffs, stockings, shoes)
  • Working with spandex
  • Working with Worbla
  • Armour construction
  • Creative costuming hacks
  • Re-purposing thrift store finds
  • Making bows, fabric flowers
  • Working with feathers
  • Caring for fabrics and finished costumes
  • Making shoe covers
  • Pattern drafting for real bodies
  • Inclusion in costuming

If you would like to address one of these ideas, or know someone who would be amazing at teaching, be sure to contact us and we will reach out specifically.

Class submissions will be accepted from December 7th- January 10th, 2021 via the class submission form at Please don’t wait until the last minute! The Programming Team will finalize the class schedule in mid-February so that it is ready for students to see before registering in March.

If you have any questions or there is anything that you feel would help enhance the teaching experience, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you in advance for sharing so much of yourself to help make this Costume College 2021 a dynamic and engaging experience for all.

Lauren Dedow, Programming-Teacher Liaison 2021