Be a Teacher!

We will begin accepting class proposals in December, 2018 and the last day to submit will be announced soon. Please mark these dates in your calendar so you don’t miss out on the chance to teach at CoCo 2019.

Here is a copy of the submission form so you can prepare your class information only, this paper form will not be accepted in lieu of the online form. Proposals will only be accepted using our online form again. Use this link to submit online, once you begin to fill it out be ready to complete it because it cannot be saved for later.

If you are still thinking about the classes you would like to teach that support the “What’s That Fabric?!?” theme and the bonus track of “Celebrating Women-The 100th Anniversary of American Women’s Suffrage”, there are 3 types of classes we will need:

  • Lecture: The teacher talks to the students and may illustrate a concept with slides, props, charts or actual items. Unlimited class size, about 1-2 hours, no fee with the exception of a small one for optional handouts.
  • Demo: This type of class shows students the step-by-step process of a technique with or without student participation. Not meant to complete a full project during class. A demo may or may not have a class size limitation; that is up to the teacher. About 1-3 hours, no fee with the exception of a small one for optional handouts and materials.
  • Workshop: This is a hands-on class in which the students perform the techniques being instructed in the class. All workshop classes must have class size limitations and an appropriate fee for materials only. Class length from 1 – 8 hours.

To assist you in thinking about this year’s theme, here is a message from our Dean, Maegen Hensley:

“CALLING ALL RETURNING AND NEW TEACHERS! This is your challenge: How can you incorporate the knowledge of fabric and textiles into your class, even if you have taught or it has been taught before? If you want to teach a class on the Overview of Regency Era- slip in some information on what fabrics were commonly used back then and for what occasion. We’ve had burn test classes, and will have one this year, I am sure, but is that the ONLY way to identify fabrics? Fabric-centric classes are awesome, and I want to dedicate a certain percentage of Costume College track on that bonus track theme. I also want this year’s classes to be very focused on textiles and their uses. So put on your thinking caps and start planning.”

The short demos and Thursday classes were on a trial basis last year, and we will not continue with them this year.

Thank you for considering sharing your knowledge with others,

Maria Aceituno
Programming – Teacher’s Liaison
Costume College 2018