Sunday Tea

Tea at the Haunted Mansion

When teabags steep in tarnished kettles
And strange and scintillating scents flutter from the scones
That is the time when ghosts are present –
Appreciating teatime with ghoulish delight!

Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Tearoom. I am your host; your “ghost host”, Master William Gracey. The Grim Grinning Ghosts and I will be honored to escort you amongst our 994 other spectral residents who call our mansion “tomb sweet tomb” and have joined us from the mortal years 1802 to 1969. We’ll make sure to see to your every discomfort.

We’re dying to have you at our swinging wake, but we don’t want to frighten you prematurely. We promise to ensure your eternal happiness as we rigor-ously seek our 1000th spirit. With 13 tea tables, competition will be stiff, so make final arrangements to dress in your funereal best.

While you’re visiting, please feel free to avail yourself of our picturesque house and grounds: our serene graveyard, our stretching portraits, our chilly sitting room. Hopefully, you’ll find a comfortable last resting place to haunt, but even if you don’t decide to stay forever, at least you’ll have a photograph, as a memento mori.

There’s no turning back now. If you plan to join us, don’t forget to hurry in with your death certificate, which will gain you admittance to the tea. If you prefer a burial plot in our vegetable garden, be sure to bring the appropriate paperwork.

P.S. The tea is currently sold out, but tickets do come back from the dead occasionally. Keep an eye out on social media or even during the Costume College weekend for those not able to attend after all and selling their ticket. Tickets are transferable at the rate they were originally purchased.

–Colleen and Shawn Crosby, Ghostly Tea Hosts

The Sunday Tea Hours Are:

Sunday: 2:00-4:00pm in the Hidden Hills Room

Special Meal Request for Sunday Tea

Haunted Mansion, black and white photo