Sunday Breakfast

2021 Sunday Breakfast: Morning Mimosas & Movies

It’s the final day of Costume College, and there is still so much to see and do on-line!  We hope you will start your day off by joining us in the Lounge for the on-going tradition of Sunday Breakfast.

During this fun-filled hour of “Morning Mimosas & Movies”, we will ‘stitch together’ a whirlwind ride & discussion of scenes from movies, and television shows, that feature creative crafting by your favorite characters/actors, from Cinderella and Downton Abbey to The Addams Family and Harry Potter, and everything in between. 

Bedeck yourself in breakfast attire from the period or genre of your choice – from day wear to elegant dressing gowns, enjoy a breakfast at Tiffany’s, loungewear & caftans, or your favorite Pink Lady pajamas, PG/family-friendly please. During the Intermission, you are welcome to ‘take a turn’ with your fellow Zoomers to show off your latest creations. Costumes are encouraged, but not required.

–Your Hostess, Birda Nichols