July 27-31, 2017, Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills, CA

Friday Night Social

Casino Royale – Our Favorite Spies

Join us Friday night in the exclusive Casino Royale for a night of espionage.  The Casino will cater tempting treats while you circulate and observe.

Casino Royale is a spy comedy filmed in 1967, wherein James Bond battles the evil organization SMERSH.  The casino is located above the underground headquarters of evil Dr. Noah who, of course, desires world domination.

Our Casino Royale is a swingin’ place, where spies PAST AND PRESENT meet, mingle and exchange top secret information.  We may even be visited by one of the 1960’s grooviest spies, who will entertain and delight you.  Photo ops, casino games, and more.

ALL Spies and Villains welcome, from Sherlock Holmes to the current incarnation of James Bond.  A few Ideas:  Agent Peggy Carter, Agents of SHIELD, Alias-Sydney Bristow, The Avengers-Emma Peel, any Bond Girl, Boris and Natasha, Charlie’s Angels, Charlie Chan, Get Smart-Agent 99, The Girl from UNCLE, Honey West, I Spy, In Like Flint, La Femme Nikita, Mata Hari, Matt Helm, Mission Impossible,  Nancy Drew, The Wild Wild West, To Catch a Thief-Grace Kelly. Civil/Revolutionary/WWI-II War Spies.  Film Noir Spies.

Also, see pinterest board link here for ideas.