July 27-31, 2017, Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills, CA




Update on the Gala

It may seem a simple matter of choosing a little black dress, some pearls, perhaps a jeweled cigarette holder and off you go to the Gala….. But, NO !!!!!!

When it’s

Dinner at Tiffany’s

good taste goes out the window.

Wear your bling, wear your tiaras, wear your bejeweled platform high heels, your dazzling bracelets, your gemmed purse, a ring on every finger.

Wear All The Bling You Can Fit

on or around your body, clothes and accessories.There are no rules, no judgments made.  Pull out all the gems.

After all, it’s

Dinner at Tiffany’s !!!!!


Are you coming to the Gala?

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts

Do bring your ticket and any special meal ticket.  You won’t eat if you do not have your blue Dinner at Tiffany’s  ticket and you won’t get your special meal without your special meal ticket.  Really.  No kidding.

Do bring $2.00 in cash for the special raffle to win your table’s centerpiece.  You may be able to buy more than one ticket, so bring some cash.  You’ll want the centerpieces.

Please, don’t save seats by leaning the chairs against the table.  It’s unsafe.  Put something personal at the place setting or put the napkin on the back of the chair.  Only save exactly the seats you need and coordinate with your friends so you are NOT saving two groups of seats.  We will have one beautifully dressed bottom on every single chair, so share and welcome others to the table.

Let the Gala Mistress know if there are any men at the table.  We have gender specific favors this year.  That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

Up to seven groups of at least eight people each may reserve a table on a first come, first served basis after 10 a.m. on Saturday at the Information Booth.  Please be sure to welcome others to fill any empty seats at your table.  You will need the names of all persons in your party to sign up.

For both those who are dining and those who come later to dance:

Do bring your raffle tickets and money to buy more raffle tickets. Wonderful prizes!!!

Be sure to try our champagne cocktail, and yes, bring money or a credit card to buy them.


Have a wonderful time and dance the night away!