The Opulent Streets of Venice

Since the early times of the Maritime Silk Road the port city of Venice has been a lively mix of people, power, and money. The exotic goods that flowed through the city were seen everywhere and the city sparkled with wealth and luxury. The power of the state was displayed through lavish official ceremonies on land and at sea, when nobility and dignitaries paraded in stately dress. Opera and gaming houses were wildly popular and the Carnival season lasted for weeks.

Exploring “the opulent streets” gives us a wide range of costuming choices for the gala.

Do you wish to be an elegant noble, famed courtesan, or a mysterious reveler at a masked ball for Carnival? Perhaps a Pierrot or Columbine from the opera stage? Revelers from any place or time period are welcome!

Costumes are not required but certainly make the evening more fun!

–Jenny Straus, Mistress of the Gala