Friday Night Social

Friday Night Group Showcase

Welcome to the start of the Friday Night Group Showcase!

The theme of the Stage Show is based on the overall Costume College Theme: What’s That Fabric. We are asking for groups of 3-20 people to submit a participation form to be considered for the show. We have seen many FB and Yahoo or Gmail groups formed specifically to dress to a theme, this is your opportunity to showcase them!

The Show itself has a theme for the audience members who would still like to dress up, and that is the USO Showcase. This is to encourage a costume that is comfortable and won’t take a lot of space as seating will be similar to a theater. Come join us for a wonderful night of viewing amazing costuming, while encouraging our creative comrades!

Our Goal:

To give you a focused time to show off your wonderful group creations to the other attendees of Costume College in a vibrant, variety show format.

Entry Forms:

For more details about participating, please see the Friday Night Group Showcase sign up form.

Once we have reached our limit, we will start a waiting list.  Several weeks before the beginning of Costume College, all groups will be confirmed.  If your group is no longer able to meet the Showcase requirements, we will offer your place to someone on the waiting list.