College Check In

Another exciting Costume College is about to begin.  We are please to bring you Check-In, your gateway to a wonderful weekend of costuming of all eras.  This is a grand time, when alumni and newcomers gather together to share the excitement, connect with friends.

Check-In for Students and Teachers will open at 7:00pm on Thursday, and will continue Friday morning at 7:00am to 11:00am afterwards all packages that have not been picked up will be left at the information desk until Sunday.

A reminder to teachers – you will have YOUR OWN CHECK-IN AREA.  Please look for it and don’t go to the student lines.  If you are both a teacher and a student, please check in at the TEACHER area.  All of your check-in material will be there, so you do not need to stand in both lines.

To all of our past Volunteers, thank you for your support.  To potential Volunteers, please consider giving Check-In an hour or two of your time as it is a great way to support Costume College and meet fellow attendees.

Now for the details.

The Students Package contains:

  • The Program Book-includes maps, schedules, course descriptions
  • Your Costume College Badge. (Please make sure to wear it at all times)
  • Gala and/or Tea tickets purchased.
  • Gala and/or Tea with Special Meal card if requested.
  • A list of Tour and /or Limited Attendance classes you have paid for in advance

The Teachers Package contains:

  • All the Student items (above) along with a list of your classes, the locations and times, student names, and your class.


Thursday night Check-In is the inaugural event of Costume College.  Please don’t wait till Saturday to pick up your packages, if you can help it.  The line may look long but it moves very fast.  Plus there might be last minute changes to a class or a NEW class that just open up etc.  So give yourself enough time to look over the schedule and plan your strategy for your fun filled weekend!

See you all at Check-In!!!!

Gina Cowley,  Check-In Chair