Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. (CGW)’s Board Update

The CGW Board has decided that *IF* Costume College 2020 is cancelled, we will keep everything that we can the same from 2020 and put it all in place for 2021. This would include event themes and such. Yes, there would be some class changes and maybe a committee member or two would decline to continue but basically we would have the 2020’s event in 2021 *IF* we have to cancel in 2020.

At this time, there are no plans for cancelling 2020, so no matter what, keep sewing, wash your hands and stay inside if you can.

–Mela, CGW President

One Comment on “Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. (CGW)’s Board Update

  1. I know that you guys are still deciding IF this is even going to happen. But I was wondering if you had put up the limited attendance form yet? I have not seen it and want to make sure that IF we are going to be getting together I don’t miss putting my name in the hat for limited classes. please let me know. Thanks