Costume College 2020 and the Coronavirus

As part of our commitment to the health and well being of our attendees, guests and the larger community, the Board of Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. is carefully monitoring the situation of the current Coronavirus and keeping current with health agencies for information and guidance. As of our Board meeting on March 8, 2020, all plans for Costume College 2020 are going ahead with the anticipation that Costume College will take place as scheduled for 2020 at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills.

With that being said, according to our contract with the Warner Center Marriott, Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. can cancel our contract for Costume College up to ninety days before the event without incurring any fees or charges by the hotel. Unless the State of California, Los Angeles County or any federal or state agency requires or advises that any conventions or large gatherings not take place or we have further information that justifies the canceling of Costume College 2020 before the last week of April (our 90 day deadline), we will wait until that time to see how this plays out.  The last week of April (if we have not previously done so) the Board will post on the Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. and the Costume College Websites, the CGW and Costume College Facebook Groups and Pages along with Instagram and Twitter whether Costume College 2020 will be held, or if there is justification for canceling the event.

If, at the end of April, we publish that Costume College is going ahead as planned, the Board will continue to monitor the global and local situation, watching carefully if we need to change our plans. Any indication that Costume College MAY be cancelled, will be published on all of our standard social media sites AND, at this time, emails will be sent out to all those registered, teaching or vending, keeping you abreast of the situation.

If, at any point (before the end of April, at the end of April or anytime before the start of Costume College), the Board feels justified in canceling Costume College 2020 the following will happen:

  1. Information will be posted on all social media identified with Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. and Costume College
  2. All registered attendees, teachers, and vendors will be notified by email
  3. All registered attendees will be refunded the total cost paid for registration (MSI fees will be absorbed by Costumer’s Guild West, Inc.) *
  4. All Gala and tea ticket costs will be refunded to those that had purchased said tickets (MSI fees will be absorbed by Costumer’s Guild West, Inc.) *
  5. All limited attendance fees paid by attendees will be refunded. (MSI fees will be absorbed by Costumer’s Guild West, Inc.) *
  6. All vending (both Marketplace and Trunk Show) fees will be refunded (MSI fees will be absorbed by Costumer’s Guild West, Inc.) *
  7. The Warner Center Marriott will be notified that event has been canceled, including all room reservations (Marriott allows for cancellations up to the event at no penalty for the attendee, so no one other than Costumer’s Guild West should incur any charges)
  8. Costumer’s Guild West will reimburse all committee members for purchased items approved and budgeted for use at/during Costume College2020 (decorations, signage, etc) whether the event is held or canceled as long as they have been approved and ordered/paid for before the cancellation. *
  9. Costumer’s Guild West Inc. will incur all charges from the hotel concerning the canceled event that would fall under the contract at the time of cancellation. (This is why we keep a reserve in the bank).
  10. Due to concerns about Corona Virus, all scholarship winners who registered for Costume College 2020 will have their scholarship awards extended another year, based on the last use by year stated in their Scholarship Award letter.  Revised Award letters will be sent to all registered Scholarship students with the new years along with a new promo code.

*Please note, that as Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. is a volunteer organization, it will take time to process all fees and reimbursements being refunded, if in fact we need to do so.

To be on the safe side:

  1.  We suggest that all teachers hold off from ordering supplies for their limited attendance classes until at least the end of April.
  2. If you are planning on flying to Costume College, this may be the time you want to consider flight insurance. We also recommend that you keep in contact with your airlines in order to be updated with their flight and/or policy changes.

If you feel that, even though Costume College 2020 is still going ahead as planned, you need to withdraw as a paid attendee of Costume College 2020, please refer to #7 and #8 in the Costume College Terms & Conditions which states:

7. REFUNDS: Costume College Registration fees are refundable less a 10% processing fee if the request for a refund is received before June 14, 2020. Refund requests received between June 15, 2020 and July 29, 2020 will be refunded less a 20% processing fee. Tickets to the Time Traveler’s Gala and Fantasy Tea are refundable (less a $10.00 processing fee) through June 14, 2020. To request a refund please contact the Registrar at or Costumer’s Guild West, Inc Attn: Costume College, 1988 La Cresta Rd., El Cajon, CA 92021. All refunds will be issued by check.

8. TRANSFERS: Costume College Registrations, Time Traveler’s Gala tickets and Fantasy Tea tickets are transferable. The deadline for all TRANSFERS is July 24, 2020. For transfers made after June 14, 2020 the Buyer will not be guaranteed a personalized name badge and their check-in packets and/or tickets will be available for pick up at the Check-in or Information Desk beginning July 30, 2020. To request a transfer please contact the Registrar at or Costumer’s Guild West, Inc Attn: Costume College, 1988 La Cresta, El Cajon, CA 92021. The transferring party’s (Seller’s) request must include the name and address of the person the Costume College registration and/or tickets are being transferred to (Buyer).  By requesting a transfer, the Seller acknowledges that she/he has received full payment from the Buyer and that both the Seller and Buyer acknowledge that Costume College®/CGW, Inc. has no responsibility for arranging such payment. No Costume College registration or ticket may be transferred for an amount greater than the original purchase price.  If the Buyer is not eligible for the price paid by the Seller (discount), the Buyer must pay the applicable differential to CGW, Inc. before she/he may participate in the transferred event.

No CGW Event ticket or registration may be transferred for more than the original ticket price. Any holder of a CGW Event ticket who sells it for a greater amount than her/his original purchase price shall be banned from attendance at all CGW Events for a period of three years.

If there are any further questions, Costume College students are directed to contact either Tracey Gorin Costume College Student Liaison at or Mela Hoyt-Heydon, Costumer’s Guild West President at

March 24. 2020: The CGW Board has decided that *IF* Costume College 2020 is cancelled, we will keep everything that we can the same from 2020 and put it all in place for 2021. This would include event themes and such. Yes, there would be some class changes and maybe a committee member or two would decline to continue but basically we would have the 2020’s event in 2021 *IF* we have to cancel in 2020.

At this time, there are no plans for cancelling 2020, so no matter what, keep sewing, wash your hands and stay inside if you can.

–Mela, CGW President

One Comment on “Costume College 2020 and the Coronavirus

  1. Even if you choose to hold CoCo this year, it is unlikely that I will attend. it is precisely the scenario that an “all clear” signal was given in the Influenza epidemic of 1918 that caused large groups to gather that started the more deadly phase two of the disease. Until we have a vaccine, groups that are unnecessary (though immensely pleasurable) should not be encouraged. Please skip this year.