Mid-Registration started recently as an exciting new addition to Limited Attendance registration!  After Registration ends, there are still a number of students who are waiting to get into classes, which still have open slots (due to student cancellations, or students declining to pay for a class).  While Late Registration serves its purpose to give students a last-minute chance to register for Limited classes, some teachers opt out of Late Registration, because there is not enough time to prepare.  Mid-Registration serves as a stop-gap measure to help students get into the classes they want and give both students and teachers more time to prepare.

Please note, THIS IS A RACE!  Unlike regular Registration, Mid-Registration (like Late Registration) is first come-first serve, so it does matter when you submit your request.  The form open time (6am PDT) was carefully chosen to give the most students the best chance to be able to submit for the classes when they want.

Also unlike regular Registration, this process is ELECTRONIC ONLY.  Because of the short time frame, no paper forms will be accepted, no mailings will go out, and no checks will be accepted.  This process is entirely through email and online forms.

How will it work?

After payment closes to pay for your Limited Attendance classes (date TBD), an email will go out to all students with a reminder for Mid-Registration, including a link to the registration form to sign up for classes, and a link to the Excel list of available classes and number of spots available.

Each day for seven days, we will follow this process: Starting Monday after payment ends, the Mid-Registration form opens at 6am PDT.  Students can then go in, choose ONE class that they want to register for.  The form closes at 7pm PDT.  That evening, the Student Liaison will go through the list of people who requested classes, and email everyone who submitted for a class, to either let them know a) they got in, and a link to submit for payment (which will be open for the week of Mid-Registration), or b) they didn’t get the class, and please try again tomorrow.  Once all the submissions have been answered, the Excel spreadsheet of available slots will be updated.  A Facebook reminder will be posted each night when the Excel spreadsheet is updated.  Since the link remains the same, students can check the link before submitting for a class each day.  Then the next day, the process repeats.  The students can each submit for ONE class per day.

At the end of the week, once the deadline for payment closes, updated forms with all the confirmed classes will be emailed out to the students, lists of students with contact info will be emailed to the Limited Attendance teachers, and no more changes will be accepted until Late Registration at Costume College.

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Please feel free to contact the Student Liaison at cocostudents@nullgmail.com.