July 26-30, 2018, Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills, CA

Late class registration

Link to class list is at the bottom of this page.

Costume College is coming up! Are you as excited as I am? Are you sewing madly, packing urgently, and frantically working? You are in good company!

Please read all of the details below regarding Late Registration.

Sadly, because we weren’t sure about the popularity of the Thursday classes, they will NOT be available as part of Late Registration, and because Late Registration will be after the classes are over.

However, the Friday FIDM tour, and the Monday Fashion District tours are on the list this year, and are available for Late Registration!


Late registration will be open Thursday evening from 7-9pm, in the lobby area in the Salon Lobby in front of the Salon classrooms.

YOU MUST pick up your student packet FIRST (or teacher packet if you’re both a student and a teacher) before getting in line for Late Registration. This tells us that you are a registered student!

YOU MUST bring cash or write a personal check to pay for the class fees.

Each student can only pick ONE CLASS/TOUR at a time. Once you have registered for that class, you must then go to the back of the line! This line can get very long, so choose wisely!

You CANNOT register for another student/hold their place in a class.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at cocostudents@nullgmail.com. Thanks!

(updated 9/2/17, 8:17am pst)