Guest Teachers

Guest teachers are usually experts in their field and are usually selected based upon their expertise tying in with the theme or bonus track for that particular year. Below is a list of Guest Teachers who have joined at past events.

Guest Teacher History

2019     Marion Boyce and Elizabeth Wayland Barber

2018     Kevin Jones

2017     Jez Roth

2016     Luca Costigliolo

2015     The Tudor Tailor: Ninya Mikhaila & Dr. Jane Malcolm-Davies

2014     Candace Kling

2012     Shelly Foote

2011     Robin Netherton & Charlotte Johnson

2010     Shawna Trpcic & Shelly Foote

2009     Bess Chilver, Sally Queen, & Lynn Sorge-English

2008     Joan Severa

2007     Elizabeth Stewart Clark & Sally Queen

2005     Andrea Schewe and Martha McCain