July 26-30, 2018, Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills, CA

Classes – Limited

Limited Attendance Classes

All limited attendance classes require pre-registration & payment. Those limited attendance classes not filled during the preregistration process will be made available at Costume College on a first come first serve basis.  We hope to be able to provide a list of available classes along with instructions on when and how to sign-up here before Costume College.


3 Myths of Limited Attendance Classes:

We hope that this will demystify the process a bit. It is with love and honor that we attempt to always be as fair as we can and open and honest about what we do behind the scenes. Feel free to email Programming Students any time you want. We are here for you!

All the “good” LA classes are taken early. Mythbuster: Everyone’s definition of a “good” class is different. In a group of 400+ attendees, the definition of a “good” class is going to vary wildly. That’s why we try to put variety in the program! The LA classes that fill up the fastest are different every year. Theme classes and accessory classes (wigs, hats, purses, etc.) tend to fill up faster than others, often because they allow for a smaller number of students. Each year there are plenty of people who have turned in their forms at the last minute, and they still got into classes that they enjoyed.
The “Costume College insiders” get the Limited Attendance (LA) classes they want and everyone else gets what’s left.

Mythbuster: LA classes are assigned by computer, in two steps:

Step 1: Each person is assigned a number in the order we receive their LA forms. For example, let’s say we only had three students: Ann, Sally and Jane. If we received Ann’s form on Monday, she would be number 1. On Tuesday we received both Sally’s and Jane’s forms, so we refer to their registration numbers. Sally registered for College in October; Jane registered in January. So Sally is number 2, and Jane is number 3. How do you get a higher number? CGW members are allowed to register approximately a month before sister groups and non-members. Additionally, the 20 or so people who volunteer to help Costume College with the packet stuffing (usually called for in Squeals and on the Yahoo group) are allowed to turn their LA forms in the same day. If you can’t volunteer at the stuffing, your best bet is to register for college as early as possible and send your LA form in promptly.

Step 2: The computer sorts all the classes and everyone’s class choices by their numbers. The computer sees a list of seven columns, three choices of tours and four choices of classes, in LA number order. First it goes through the tours; then it goes through the classes. For our example, we’ll just talk about class selection. Ann (LA number 1) and Nan (LA number 200) have chosen the exact same classes. The computer looks down the list of first choice classes and assigns Ann to her first choice. When it gets to Nan, the class is full. Nan is assigned to the waiting list (on average, there are 5 people on a class’s waiting list), and the computer moves on. When the first column is complete, the computer goes back through the first column, looking for anyone that wasn’t placed in a class. It comes to Nan and places her in her second choice class (if it wasn’t full). When everyone on the list has at least one class the computer looks at the column for second choice, and the process is repeated until we have run out of class spaces or requests for classes.

The “Costume College insiders” get more classes than everyone else.

Mythbuster: Everyone goes through the same selection process. Programming doesn’t give anyone special treatment, even if they are on the programming committee! It would be technically possible (although unlikely) in one year for Ann to get only one of her class choices and Nan to get all three tours and all four class selections, if Ann chose long classes with a small number of spaces and Jane hit the jackpot of choosing short classes with a large number of spaces. Keep in mind that if you request classes or tours that overlap, you will only get one of those selections, as we do not assign overlapping classes or tours. 


Unlimited Class listings are located here. There are many fantastic classes to choose from. Should you have any questions regarding our teachers, please contact our Program Teachers Chair.