Classes – Limited

Limited Attendance Classes

All Limited attendance classes require pre-registration and payment. (All Costume College classes are only open to registered students.  You must be a registered student prior to applying for any Limited class at any stage, otherwise your application will be rejected when you apply.)

Limited attendance classes are filled in the process described in Limited Registration.  First there is registration for the Limited classes. After everyone has a chance to pay for the classes in which they were placed (in the randomized priority process), there will be some seats left in a few Limited classes. You will be notified by email (no snail mail letters will be sent) of the open Limited classes. You may then request those open seats. This is called Mid-Registration.

Mid-Registration is a race – nothing random about it – but there is no geographical bias, just the speed of your internet connection. Mid-registration will occur over a week with multiple opportunities to gain an open seat.

Finally, there is Late Registration which occurs physically at Costume College on Thursday night. Late Registration is also a race – you need to physically stand in line to try for a seat in an open Limited attendance class (only cash or checks accepted!).

Nevertheless, myths still survive about Limited Attendance classes. We attempt to debunk the myths.

Myth #1:  The Costume College “Insiders” get the Limited attendance classes that they want and everyone else gets what’s left.

Mythbuster: The Limited attendance classes are assigned by a randomized-priority process. Everyone, even the Programmer who runs the computer that assigns the classes to the students and even the Costume College Dean, is assigned a random number representing their place in line to select a Limited attendance class. The process is thus: after the deadline to file your choices for Limited attendance classes, the students are assigned random numbers. If there are 500 students, then seats in classes are assigned starting with the person with the lowest random number getting assigned to their number one choice. The next-in-line student then gets assigned to their first choice, and so on. If a class is full when the computer tries to assign a seat, then the computer will see if it can assign the student to a seat in the class that is next on that student’s list.  If that class is full, then the computer will try to assign the student to their third choice of classes, until they either have no more choices for Limited classes or they get a seat in a Limited class. When the computer has run through the entire list of students then the random numbers are reassigned. The second time that classes are assigned the order of students in line will be completely different than the first round because new random numbers are assigned. This process is repeated until all the seats in every Limited class are filled or every student has exhausted their list of chosen Limited classes.

Let’s pretend we’re at an ice cream shop. Tracey wants 2 scoops, 1 one of peach and another of raspberry ripple. Heather wants chocolate and vanilla. Karen wants 3 scoops: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, but will settle for raspberry ripple. Meredith wants 3 scoops:  lime, lemon, bergamot, or orange sherbet.

First round:  Karen gets position 1; Tracey gets position 2; Heather gets position 3. Meredith gets position 4. Karen asks for chocolate (her first choice) and she gets the last scoop. Karen sits down to wait for her chance at a second and third scoop. Tracey asks for peach and gets it. She sits down with Karen. Heather asks for chocolate – nope! all gone. So Heather gets her second choice -vanilla. Last-in-line Meredith asks for lime and gets it.

Second round: Heather gets position 1; Karen gets position 2; Tracey gets position 3. Meredith is last in line again. Heather is straight-laced and only wanted chocolate and vanilla. Chocolate is gone and she already has her vanilla, so she sits down and eats her vanilla from round 1. Karen asks for vanilla but it is gone, so Karen asks for her third choice strawberry; strawberry is also gone so Karen asks for her fourth choice (oh well) raspberry ripple. She gets her second scoop and sits down with Heather. Tracey gets to the front and asks for raspberry ripple, which she gets. Finally, Meredith steps to the front of the line and asks for lemon, which she gets.

Third round:  Karen exhausted her list of choices so she’s eating her ice cream. Tracey got exactly what she wanted and she’s eating her ice cream. Heather is eating her one scoop of ice cream. But Meredith still has flavors on her list. She steps to the front and asks for bergamot, which is out, so she asks for orange sherbet which they serve. She sits down to enjoy her 3 scoops of ice cream.

Karen wanted 3 scoops but only got 2: her 1st and 4th choices of flavors. Tracey wanted 2 scoops and got both even though she was never at the front of the line. Heather only got one scoop of ice cream. Meredith was last in line each time, but got her three scoops of ice cream because she likes the unusual flavors.

Myth #2:  All the “good” classes are taken early.

Mythbuster:  One man’s junk is another man’s treasure! There is no such thing as a “good” or a “bad” class. Many of the Unlimited classes are just as fascinating and worthwhile as the Limited attendance classes. There are classes that are more popular than others, however. These Limited classes do fill up quickly. Your ability to obtain a seat in one of these popular Limited classes depends only on the luck of the draw. Limited classes are filled on a randomized-priority basis. Your position “in-line” to register for a Limited class is determined by a randomized priority. If you register for only one class, then if your place in line is behind many people then you’re unlikely to get a seat in that class if it’s very popular. However, if your list of Limited class choices is long, then you’re likely to get at least one of your classes. Even if you don’t get any Limited classes, there are plenty of Unlimited classes that can easily educate and entertain you the entire Costume College. A Limited attendance class is not necessarily “better” than an Unlimited class. It really is a question of personal interest.

Information on Unlimited Classes is located here. There are many fantastic classes to choose from. Should you have any questions regarding our teachers, please contact our Program Teachers Chair.