Caught on Camera

Hello!  Calling on Costume College attendees.  I have a  few requests.

I am creating a video of past Costume College years, and would love it if you have photos from your first years of attending.  Please send your submissions and let me know what year your photo is from, and who is in it to the following email:
If you wish, I am happy to raid your Facebook page for past coco pictures. Kindly email me your permission to do so.

I would also like to pay tribute to our members that have passed on.  If you have photos of any of our deceased members, kindly send to me with their name.

I am also looking for some of your favorite memories of costume college.  Did you have a class that you really enjoyed?  How about meeting a new friend?  Did something unexpected happen to you, funny or exciting?  Did your dress fall apart?    Any memory will be fine.  Please keep it to one paragraph, and send a photo of yourself in a costume of your choice.

If you have any questions about the above requests, please email me at :    All submissions are due no later than Friday, June 30th.

Cindy Piselli
Caught on Camera Chair