July 26-30, 2018, Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills, CA

Caught on Camera

If this is your first time attending Costume College, or you’ve been coming for years, you certainly don’t want to miss being a part of the Caught on Camera display that includes photos taken of ALL costume creations, activities, and events that people have been doing the past year. It’s a fun, easy way to share photos of your costumes, and guild or groups events.  Simply email single or group photos from last year’s Costume College, and also from the events you’ve attended, or will attend, up to this year’s Costume College.

In addition to your emailed photos, this year’s display will include fabric swatches that you mail in of the actual fabric used to create the costume in the photo.  Participation in the “What’s That Fabric?” section is optional, but I hope you will consider joining in by sharing a small piece of fabric to enhance our exhibit and help answer such questions as … What type of fabric is that costume made of?  Is it textured, brocade, woven, cotton, silk?  Printed or embroidered?

For Photos Only:

To have your photo(s) included in Caught on Camera, simply email it/them to cococaughtoncamera@nullgmail.com.  I am accepting photos from now until July 12, two weeks before Costume College.  Photos should be in focus and I may crop when necessary to show you/your group to your best advantage.  Another option if we’re Facebook friends is to give me permission to use your costume photos.  For upcoming events, remember to ask someone to take a photo of you; then email it to me for Caught on Camera.

For Photos & Fabric Swatch:

If you want to have fabric on display with your photo in the “What’s That Fabric?” section, both the emailed photo & the mailed in fabric piece must be received before June 30.  Fabric swatches cannot be accepted at CoCo since the display boards are created in advance.

  • Step 1 is to email the photo of your costume to cococaughtoncamera@nullgmail.com and let me know that you have a fabric swatch to mail to me before June 30.  I will give my private mailing address to those who ask via email to be included in the “What’s That Fabric?” section.
  • Step 2: After you have my private mailing address, Step 2 is to mail me a small piece of fabric (4″ by 4″ is plenty) from the costume in the photo.  If possible, please include a copy of the photo on plain paper with the fabric to help me match it to your emailed photo.

Oh, and did I mention that a Caught on Camera badge ribbon awaits those who have submitted photos and/or fabric.  How cool is that!

So, don’t wait until the last minute.  Send in your photos & fabric now!  Thank you for helping make Caught on Camera a colorful & fun display!


Birda Hussey Nichols, Caught on Camera 2018