2018 Post Costume College Survey

  When you get home from Costume College, please take a moment to fill out our survey. Let us know how you enjoyed the weekend. Costume College 2018 – Feedback Form Thank you!    

Sewing Machine Rentals – yes we have them!!

  Don’t forget, if you are traveling from out of town, or your home machine is not portable, or you have last minute touches to finish on your gala costume and need a sewing machine; there will be sewing machines available to rent at…

Announcing: Registration Packets to mailed Monday, April 2, 2018!

Registration Packets are scheduled to mailed Monday, April 2, 2018!! New for this year, we will NOT be booking the “LA Fabric District Tour” through Limited Attendance as usual. Instead you will be able to sign up and pay for this tour through its…

Announcing Costume College 2018 Bonus Track theme: “What’s That Fabric?”

  What’s That Fabric, you say?  That’s right!  Our bonus track this year is What’s That Fabric?!?  I am emphasizing the question and exclamation marks because it is often times I am watching a movie, show, or play and ask that exact question.  It is…

Announcing Costume College 2018 Sunday Breakfast theme: “The Royal Breakfast”

  It’s the morning after the Royal Wedding and now you are invited to attend the Royal Breakfast. What would you wear? Why, your tiara, of course! Along with your resplendent royal robes, bathrobe or teagown! – Sunday Breakfast Mistress: Denise Hendrick  

Announcing Costume College 2018 Friday Night Social theme: “A Princess in Paris”

  Sit with us at “la Belle Epoque Café” for an evening of gaiety, where even an American-born princess can fall in love with a Romani violinist and run away! – Friday Social Mistress: Kristen Foggie   Save