July 27-31, 2017, Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills, CA

Bonus Track

What is the bonus track?
The bonus track is a special track of classes that are based on the following year’s theme thus allowing students to focus on specific topic and display what they learned the following year. These are the same as the other classes, in that they are a mix of lecture, demo and workshop classes. We generally devote around 10% of the classes to the bonus track, so if you are completely uninterested in the bonus track, there are still plenty of other classes to take on large variety of costuming topics.

Bonus Track 2017: Understructures of the Costume

We will be offering classes that not only relate to historical clothing supports but also those needed for other types of costuming, such as cosplay and fantasy. Many costumes need support such as hoops under skirts, chainmail for armor, frames for wings, hat forms for hats or headgear. Think beyond the actual dress or costume, but of things you need to make it work. Classes will depend on what teachers offer.