July 26-30, 2018, Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills, CA



It’s that time again!

Planning for costume College festivities and classes!

Remember volunteers make Costume College happen! We need YOU!

If you’re a Costume College freshman, this is the perfect setting to meet new people and see exactly what the Costume College experience is all about. If you’re a Costume College alumni, this is still a perfect opportunity — to mentor a newcomer and give back a little.

However, you may want to know what you’d be getting into, such as “How do I know when to volunteer?” or “I don’t want to miss any amazing classes!”

Easy peasy!

When you get your Registration Book, review the class schedule and mark which ones you most want to attend. The free times between those classes can be used to your advantage to give back AND meet new people! You can sign up before Costume College begins (special gifts for those who pre-register to volunteer) — or when you arrive at Costume College you can sign up at our sign-up stations.

Are you expected to volunteer for a whole day? Absolutely not, (well unless you want to!) Simply find a time when you will not be in class and volunteer for that time block.

What if you haven’t registered for Costume College 2018? You can volunteer even if you aren’t a registered student. Being a volunteer allows you access to some of our great events, such as the Pool Party, Friday Night Social, Hospitality Suite, and Sunday Breakfast.

What do you get in return? First, lifelong friends and creative support; second, tons of fun; and, last but not least, we have amazing gift bags and prizes — incredible sewing supplies, books, and accessories. In addition to the daily prizes there will be a Grand Prize for most hours donated!

Can’t wait to see you all!


Tana Donaghy, Volunteers Chair



Volunteers  2018  hours (subject to change)

Thursday, July 26:   7pm – 9pm
Friday, July 27:        8am – 5pm
Saturday, July 28:   8am – 4:30pm
Sunday, July 29:     8:30am – 4pm