Information Desk

Welcome to Costume College! Your first stop, of course, was to check in. If you look behind the Check-In tables, you will see a long welcoming counter staffed by friendly, efficient faces. This is the Information Desk. Whether you are a new attendee or a veteran, the Information Desk staff is here to help you with any questions or concerns that may arise. The Information Desk is staffed by members of the Costume College Committee and the CGW Board, so there are always very knowledgeable persons available to assist you.

But the Information Desk is not just for questions, oh no! We also  provide  local  neighborhood  guides,  a message board for attendees, lost and found, directions and maps to classes and other areas, and a fascinating assortment of flyers and handouts for all sorts of costume-related events and products.

Additionally, the Information Desk Staff will serve as a clearing house for those who want to buy or sell Gala and Tea tickets.

One of our most important services is facility in contacting the Dean, our Hotel Liaison officer, and other key Costume College administrators.

We open on Thursday night to help you get settled in, but for the rest of the weekend we’ll be open each day from 8:00 a.m. until the end of classes.

So stop by. Say hello, ask a question, find help for a problem, get a piece of candy, or play a game to get a ribbon.  We’re here for you!

–Sara Bacon, Chair

We will help you with:

  • Directions within the hotel
  • Neighborhood Guide to find nearby shops, services, and restaurants
  • Message Board to keep in contact with your friends
  • Gala & Tea Ticket (re-sells) [Membership/attendance fees may NOT be sold or transferred during College. Limited Attendance fees may not be sold or transferred at any time.]
  • Lost & Found
  • Earlybird Marketplace Tickets (sold at desk)
  • Meet the Committee
  • Sewing Machine Rentals
  • Gala seating reservations (for groups of 8-10 only)

Information  2019  hours (subject to change):

Thursday, July 25:  7pm – 9pm

Friday, July 26:  8am – 5pm

Saturday, July 27:  8am – 5pm

Sunday, July 28:  8:30am – 3pm