July 27-31, 2017, Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills, CA


Yeeee-HAW!! The Victorian Tea & Dance Society is back to host the Hospitality Suite in our version of ’60s style… 1860s! Y’all gather yer posse and mosey on up to our “Wild West” themed saloon. Tap one of our Buckaroos to rustle you up a Root Beer, or if your tastes run to the high-falutin’, wet yer whistle over a hot cup of tea (’cause there’s always tea). We’re fixin’ to do our darn’dest to make yer stay a cozy one. Wander atwixt our three rooms… re-lax in our main parlor for citified pursuits, flirt with Lady Luck and play a game of cards in the saloon while settin’ over a sasparilla, and don’t forget about our his-torical costumed theatricals flickerin’ all day in the movin’ picture room. You might just get inspired!

Been travelin’ a spell by Iron Horse or stagecoach? The Hospitality Suite’s an ideal place to cotton to new friends, plan a job with old ones, chat about corselettes or crinolines, or just set and enjoy the am-bi-ance. It’s a welcomin’ spot to settle in with some drinks, get chock-full on light victuals, or squat and jaw ’bout the scuttlebutt with good ole-fashion’d hospitality. Don’t git yer dander up – Calicos and Dudes’re welcome, but no bellerin’, bellyachin’ or balderdash allowed. And shuck yer shootin’ iron at the door- we want everyone t’ mix all friendly-like.

No need t’ be stumped –  get a wiggle on and  join us at a honky-tonk where yer always powerful welcome! We’re offerin’ the whole kit and caboodle, on the house.

Darlene Hamilton and The Victorian Tea & Dance Society



Hospitality  2017  hours (subject to change):
Friday, July 28: 2pm – 5:30pm & 8pm – 11pm
Saturday, July 29: 2pm – 5:30pm & 7:30pm – 11pm
Sunday, July 30: 2pm – 6:30pm




NOTE: The Hospitality Suite accepts home-baked food contributions!  We are very fortunate to have this agreement with the hotel and this helps bring an abundance of wonderful tea time treats into the room. PLEASE LIST INGREDIENTS ON A CARD so that those with allergies will know what they can eat.