July 27-31, 2017, Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills, CA


Costume College Exhibits Now and Then!!


One of the key foundations of Costume College is that we are all students and we all have something to learn.  Despite this belief it can be incredibly intimidating to attend Costume College and see the AMAZING costumes being worn.    

This year’s theme for the Costume Exhibits is “Now and Then” showcasing the progression we ALL make over the years and how we ALL are still learning.  The Costume Exhibits will feature the beautiful work of some of our advanced costumers… along with examples of their earliest work.  Seeing where some of your fellow costumers started will hopefully inspire you to continue to learn and improve your skills; because we all started somewhere!

This year we also hope to highlight techniques and skills you learned at Costume College. This is the perfect opportunity to show your smaller accessories that feature detailed techniques.  Perhaps a reticule with beautiful embroidery, a handkerchief with handmade lace, simple shoes that you transformed into a work of art or a simple woven belt that you started in a class at Costume College.


Please… SUBMIT EXAMPLES OF YOUR WORK!!!  We want you to share how Costume College has helped you learn and build new and exciting things.  Submission Deadline June 1st.

2017 Donor Form

You can mail your completed form to us at costumecollegeexhibit@nullgmail.com.

Lana Lily, Exhibit Curator


Exhibits 2017 hours (subject to change)IMG_3966

Friday, July 28: 9am-5pm
Saturday, July 29: 9am-5pm
Sunday, July 30: 9am-3pm