Costume College Committee Team

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to organize Costume College each year?  Meet your devoted team of volunteers!


Dean of Costume College

The Dean is responsible for coordinating and following up with the Committees in planning and executing the Costume College CGW event. Includes setting up committee meetings, continuous communication and assistance to the Committee Chairs, signing of all reimbursement forms and scholarships, producing and distributing the budget, creating and updating of the Committee Calendar and Contact Lists, and continuous updates to the CGW Board.

Writes a monthly Squeals article, answers all emails, and sends information and updates throughout the year. The Dean works with the entire Committee and the CGW Board. The Dean decides the event theme for the year, based on their previous Bonus Track as Assistant Dean. The Dean also keeps in constant contact with the Assistant Dean, essentially training them to be Dean the following year.


Assistant Dean

Learns the job of Dean, following communications and decisions. Chooses the Bonus Track classes to be announced prior to next College, and finds guest speakers/teachers for those. May be in charge of another department, as well. Is responsible for taking notes at committee meetings, sending out deadline reminders to committee members and maintaining/updating job responsibility manuals.


Bargain Basement

Promotes donations through all media groups, & collects items at College donated to the Bargain Basement to benefit the Costume College Scholarship Fund. Identifies possible items for Raffle for special treatment, like gift baskets. Oversees the sales at College. Position is full time doing sales at College during it’s open hours. Donates all unsold items to charity.

Assistant – Accepts, sorts and helps display in Bargain Basement room, and helps with sales during College. Position is full time at College during it’s open hours.


Caught on Camera

Collects & takes photos as early as the previous College to include in the following year’s display. Requests are sent out in the various media groups reminding people to save photos, and send them in to be included in the display.Photos are edited/cropped on the computer by Head or Assistant to make them look their best. Then photos are printed and matted to be displayed in different themes.

Assistant – helps with collecting, cutting, and matting the photos (done prior to College). This works faster and better if the Head & Assistant can work in the same location on them. They help set up & take down the display at College and attach the photos.



Orders supplies for student/teacher packets, working with a budget. Prepares a schedule of volunteer hourly duties at the Check-In desk, transports supplies, and organizes student/teacher packet stuffing party. Sets up the location at College for handing out student/teacher packets, works the Desk on Thursday night, & provides safe storage of Check-In items when Desk is not in operation. Desk also open Friday and Saturday if necessary, but remaining packets may be held at Information Desk. Works with Ops regarding delivery/pickup of any materials in storage unit.

Assistant/Multiple Volunteers – Assistant may help Department Head in organizing the transporting of materials to the Packet Stuffing Party in July. Learns the Head’s job in case needed. Volunteers work the Check-In Desk on Thursday night, and then in shifts starting Friday morning through Saturday if all packets are not picked up by then. Multiple volunteers are needed to work Desk on Thursday opening night.


Costume Exhibit

The Exhibit Head/Curator plans and oversees costume exhibit at College: consulting with Dean regarding preferences for new, as well as traditional, costume displays. Supervises set-up and displays at College. Works within a budget, and posts solicitations for costumes and accessories in all media groups. Works with OPS regarding equipment needed and schedules for delivery/pickup.

Assistant – Helps with set-up and take-down of displays, along with volunteers. Learns how it runs, in case the need arises. Volunteers work in shifts sitting in room as monitors.


Friday Night Social

Coordinates with the Dean’s theme suggestions, decorates and sets up the room, and works with the Hotel Liaison to create a dessert/snack menu, and other activities as the theme suggests, within a budget. Responsible for room setup and flow, and staging needs, working with Ops as needed.

Assistant – Helps with ideas as needed, and during setup and take down. Learns how the position is run in case needed.



Coordinates with the Dean’s theme suggestions, working with the Hotel Liaison for food menu, & OPS for set-up. Creates and oversees the décor, music, and menu, and creates the right ambience for the Time Traveler’s Gala, all within a budget. Sets-up decorations with help of multiple assistants.


Décor: Multiple assistants helps with set-up & take-down of decorations.

Red Carpet Emcee: works with Hotel Liaison & Ops, to set up chairs needed for audience and layout of entry area. Greets the participants as they arrive on the Red Carpet, and the Gala.

Music: works with Department Head on type of music/entertainment needed, set-up and take-down of equipment, checking that it works, & works with Ops.


Hospitality Suite

What we do: Organize and Host the Hospitality Suite including requesting donations of snacks,working with the Hotel Liaison on hotel-provided food, managing budget. Decorating the Suite for the theme. Host special events throughout the weekend, such as the Meet and Greet with the Guest Teacher(s) after the Ice Cream Social, post-Gala events, and Sunday Board Mixer. Organized pack up at end of weekend.

Assistant – Help with decorations and set-up, & take-down on Sunday evening (lots of perks with this one!). Assist with volunteers & helpers and with hotel staff. Be on hand for hosted events. Keeps supplies filled.

Multiple Volunteers/Helpers – Act as greeters, answer questions, keep the rooms tidy, refill anything needed, clear up used items.


Hotel Liaison

Acts as liaison to Hotel Event Coordinator and the Costume College Committee, and if necessary, the CGW Board of Directors. To help facilitate Hotel needs for Costume College including signage, room set- ups, food and beverage selections (including Social, Gala, & Tea), and overall set-up of the conference.



Provides an information desk for all students and teachers with information, directions, and answers to questions on site. Should have knowledge of how College works, and generally the hotel layout. Handles Lost & Found, resale of Gala/Tea tickets, issues badge ribbons. Works with multiple volunteers in shifts at Desk. Assembles the College Committee photo boards displayed at Information. Works with Dean/Volunteers/Programming/Registrar/Hotel Liaison, and others as needed.

Assistant – Responsible for updating the Neighborhood Guide used at Costume College.

Transportation Assistant – Responsible for coordinating information regarding transportation to/from the surrounding areas (especially LAX) and the Hotel & Garment District.


Operations (“Ops”)

Staffed by official Costume College Equipment Ninjas. Operations provides and maintains all of the classroom and event equipment needed for each class rotation throughout the conference , and assures that our laptops we bring for teaching work with their projectors. They bring in the equipment needed for the Gala and any special displays. They’re also responsible for picking up and returned said items to storage until next year.

Assistant – helps insure the equipment transition and rotation is smooth, and is involved in the year- round care of equipment and mannequins.


Photography Studio

Arranges for a professional (or semi-professional) photographer to be present during Costume College. Selects photographer with Dean/ CGW Board input. Requests signage and volunteers as needed. Photographer Liaison is also responsible for writing articles to advertise photographer’s services in all media groups. Sends report to committee meetings. Ensures that the Photographer’s Room has been opened and that the photographer is able to get their equipment set up. Also responsible for setting up and tearing down the DIY photography set-up outside the room.


Pool Party

Coordinate with the Dean’s theme suggestions, and work within the designated budget to decorate or arrange activities for the theme. Coordinate with the Hotel Liaison for possible theme drinks available at the outside bar. Be responsible for décor setup and flow, and staging needs.


Programming – Students

Student Liaison manages the limited attendance class application and payment process.  Works closely with the Teacher Liaison through all stages of programming, from scheduling classes, to mailing out the registration packets and limited attendance forms, collecting and collating the returned forms, and putting together the student packets. Runs Late Registration at Costume College. Must be able to respond in a timely manner in communications. Knowledge of Microsoft Excel knowledge a must!!

Assistant– Assists the Student Liaison with various behind the scenes tasks, including assigning students to their Limited Attendance classes, assisting with Late Registration, and posting class sheets at Costume College.  Does not need to attend Costume College meetings, but should be able to assist with Limited Attendance forms stuffing.  Microsoft Excel skills a must.


Programming – Teachers

Teacher liaison is the point of contact with teachers. Recruits for class submissions and contacting prospective teachers. Organizes potential classes and data for the selection process, & notifying them. Remains in contact with teachers in preparing to conduct their classes at Costume College. Organizes Information packets & runs Teacher Check-In at Costume College.  Must be comfortable with Excel, Word, Google docs, and email. Must be able to respond in a timely manner in communications.

Assistant – should also be comfortable with the same technology and respond in a timely manner.



The publication department is main responsibility for three major types of printed materials: Costume College—Registration book & Program book, flyers for inserting into books, and event signage. Should be comfortable using Adobe In Design & Photoshop.



Promotes and collects items from members/etc, for raffling off at College to benefit the Costume College Scholarship Fund. Set up display of items to be raffled. Sells raffle tickets during College for the raffle held at the Gala.



The Registrar processes the registration of students for Costume College. Responsibilities include maintaining a data base of those who have purchased memberships, Gala and Tea tickets; responding in a timely manner to all communications; creating labels for registration and check-in packets; helping to coordinate the registration & check-in packet stuffing’s; attending Committee meetings to give report/update of duties. Registrar works with the CGW Treasurer, Costume College Dean, Hotel Liaison, Programming Chair, Check-in Desk Chair, Gala and Tea Mistress, student and prospective students.



Assists requests for matching of roommates for College (1-4 nights) as needed. Facilitates those requesting on the media groups, Facebook and Yahoo. Works with Hotel Liaison, Costume College Dean, and students.


Sunday Breakfast

Work with Dean on theme idea. Meet & greet attendees with a ribbon especially for the breakfast. No décor is needed as it’s within the hotel restaurant.



Works with the Dean on the theme for the Fantasy Tea, enlists an assistant, works with the Hotel Liaison on the hotel menu choices for the tea. Chooses table decorations and other décor for the room, and possible entertainment (music/games/prizes) all within a budget. Oversees proper set up by the hotel in the room.Assistant – May be asked to help with ideas, decorations, and helps with set-up and take-down. Learns from Head how it all works should the need arise.



Tours facilitates tour site coordination including transportation, food, fees, and correspondence with reservations, working within a budget. Works with separate Assistants to lead the various tours (specially picked locations & the Garment District). Writes articles for the publications, updates the tour location guide books, and keep the accounts for tours.

Assistant(s) – For each tour- in training for the tour chair position, helps as needed and backfills when the tours overlap. Tour guides meet with group they’re assigned to, stays with them or available while on the tour, ensures their comfort, and returns to College with them.



Solicits and schedules volunteers to assist in the smooth running of Costume College. Prior to College the Head works with other Committee Heads to assess their volunteer needs, solicits help from the Membership using all media access, and coordinates a schedule. Selects and purchases prizes and incentives to be given to volunteers, working within a budget. During College, ensures the Volunteer Desk and other venues are staffed. Coordinates last-minute changes. Holds Daily Drawings for volunteers and distributes prizes.

Assistants – Provide back up and may help purchase prizes for raffles, and gift bags. Takes shifts at Volunteer Desk during College, handles sign-in sheets of volunteers and sends them to specific departments as needed. Assists in Volunteer raffle tickets and prize disbursement.


Website Team

Responsible for updating and maintaining the Costume College website, working with the Dean and all the Committee Heads.