Bargain Basement

Bargain Basement & Exotic Emporium of Fascinating Finds

In these days of widespread advice about simplifying your life and the “KonMari” method,isn’t it nice that there’s
a place you can donate the parts of your stash that no longer spark joy? The Bargain Basement at Costume
College 2019 is that place! Those patterns you don’t use anymore or your children have now outgrown? That
fabric you bought 15 years ago and you now think is hideous? A tired bunch of notions? That “spare” sewing
machine and craft supplies you never got around to using? Donate all of it to the Bargain Basement!

The proceeds from our Bargain Basement go to create new scholarships for the following year’s Costume College, as well as other CGW events. These scholarships help students attend Costume College who otherwise would not be able to come. And because it’s all going for a good cause, you can get donation receipts for tax purposes. However, once an item is donated, it cannot be reclaimed by the donor (unless you come to our sale and buy it, of course).

Please be aware, however, that we cannot accept some kinds of items, such as electronics (electronic sewing
machines are ok), spray paints, or any item that would incur a “hazardous waste disposal” fee if we cannot sell
it. If you want suggestions, ideas, even moral support for donating something, then e-mail Carolyn Richardson
at: Unfortunately, we cannot take anything from anyone before Costume College
starts. If you wish to donate but won’t be attending, you can send items with a friend who’s coming. You can
also mail packages to Carolyn Richardson, c/o of the Warner Center Marriott Hotel where Costume College is
being held, timed to arrive a day or two before the start of the sale on Sunday. Donation receipts can be mailed
back. If you have any questions or are looking for a “pony express” for your items, please let us know and we’ll
see if we can help with arrangements.

In another change this year, we will be opening the Bargain Basement at 7:30am on Sunday morning so
that people have more time to shop before classes start at 9:00am.

Silent Auction Offerings: If you’re donating something special, please bring it to our attention. If it’s special
enough, we’ll make it a part of this year’s Silent Auction. The auction begins at 7:30am on Sunday morning. If
you wish to bid on something, there will be a sheet of paper next to each auction item where you can write your
name, cell number, and bid amount. At 10:00am sharp, the highest bid will be the winner and we will text you to
come for the item. If the winner doesn’t respond by 10:30am, the second highest bid will be the winner and they
must respond by 11:00am. While we realize you may be in class, we can only hold items until 11:00am. After
that, if the item is still unclaimed, it will go up for sale with everything else.

Shopping Procedures: Because of space constrictions, we must limit to 35 the number of people shopping
in the Bargain Basement (35) from 7:30am to 10:00am. Wheeled carts or rolling luggage cannot be brought
into the room. We will hand out large shopping bags to monitor how many people are in the room at any time
– personal bags are not allowed. Once your bag is full, you must check out. Stacking items in the room or at
the checkout desk is not permitted. You are welcome to join any remaining line and re-enter when the people
ahead of you have had their chance. Cash, checks, or credit cards are accepted for payment. At 11:00am we
will start selling large trash-style bags for $5. You may then fill up that bag with ANY remaining item(s).

Don’t forget to volunteer! It’s an enormous job to organize donations for the Bargain Basement, and we can
use all the help we can get. Get a first look at the wonderful items donated by helping us sort and organize.

Located in Salon A & B, around the corner from the Dealer’s Room and down the hall toward the parking
structure. Shoppers are welcome to come by and peruse whenever the Bargain Basement is open. PLEASE

–Carolyn Richardson, Bargain Basement Chair, & Assistant Tao Will, Assistant

Bargain Basement 2019  hours (subject to change)

Thursday: 7:00-9:00pm -Donation Drop-off at Salon A

Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm – Donation Drop-off at Salon A

Saturday: 9:00am-6:00pm – Donation Drop-off at Salons A & B

Sunday: 7:30am-12:00pm (noon) – Open for sale! – Salons A & B

Sunday: 7:30-10:00am – Silent Auction at Salons A & B