Bargain Basement

mkt0414It’s time to get rid of your costume clutter! Have patterns you don’t use anymore? Fabric you don’t want? Somebody gave you an unwanted bucket of buttons? Donate them to the Bargain Basement. If you want suggestions, ideas, moral support for donating something, you can e-mail Carolyn Richardson at

All proceeds from the raffles and the Bargain Basement go to support scholarships for next year’s Costume College as well as other CGW events. Scholarships are for grants to help people pay for Costume College and who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend our College.  And because it’s all going for a good cause, you can get receipts for tax purposes.


Bargain Basement 2019  hours (subject to change)

Thursday, July 25: 7:30pm-9pm, Donation Drop-off @ Salon B

Friday, July 26: 9am-5pm, Donation Drop-off @ Salon B

Saturday, July 27: 9am-4pm, Donation Drop-off and Perusal @ Salons A & B

Sunday, July 28: 7:30am-12pm (noon) – Open for sale @ Salons A & B

Sunday, July 28: 8am-10am – Silent Auction @ Salons A & B