Announcing the Costume College 2019 Sunday Tea Theme: Tea at the Haunted Mansion


Join us as one of our Happy Haunts at the Sunday Tea.  More information to come!

4 Comments on “Announcing the Costume College 2019 Sunday Tea Theme: Tea at the Haunted Mansion

  1. Do you have to be attending all the days of Costume College to attend the Tea? Will there be vendors at the CC? Is there a list of who’s teaching what? Sorry for so many questions!
    Suzi McNutt

    • Hi Suzi!

      All good questions! 🙂

      You can attend the Tea and as many days of Costume College as you like.

      There is a vendor room at Costume College, usually in one of the ballrooms in the hotel (the list of vendors changes each year and will be updated as soon as I get that information from the committee heads).

      There will be a list of teachers and the classes they’ll be offering, and that will be published in April, both in print as well as on this website.

      I hope this helps!
      The Costume College Webmistress

  2. I tried to register for the tea, but it said that all of the places had been taken. Is there a way to be put onn a waiting list? I really, really want to go to the tea, please.

    • Hi Aurora,
      There isn’t a waiting list. You can post a message to the facebook group Costume College Year Round Forum to ask if anyone has a tea ticket available.

      Many people decide to sell their tea tickets once the limited classes are assigned, so June would be a good time to check. If you don’t find a ticket sooner, you can check at the Costume College Information Desk on site to see if anyone is selling their ticket last-minute.

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