Announcing the Costume College 2019 Friday Social Theme: Presented by the USO


This year, something new is planned for our Friday Social–a Group Showcase! 

I was sitting across from Maegen Hensley on the Monday morning of Costume Con36 and supportive friends. We were basking in the afterglow of having just completed a 9-person, 2-director showcase, and having an amazing time doing it. It wasn’t about the competition or the winning, what it turned out to be was about the bonding that
we experienced. We all worked together for a year to design, collaborate, share ideas, sew together, create and miss deadlines, working in our hotel sweatshop, and finally creating a presentation that we were all proud of and excited to show off. Not only did we get to display our hard work, we choreographed a presentation and performed to an appreciative audience.

As Maegen was excitedly describing how much she loved the camaraderie that was created, I could see a light bulb create a mind- blow in her head. ‘What if we did this at Costume College?’ she asked. ‘Not as a competition, but as a presentation only. No rewards but the satisfaction of participating in a group and being able to show off the costumes on stage. It would make an excellent show.’ She was assistant Dean at the time, and I could see the idea just form as she laid out her ideas in front of her. As I shared in a little of her excitement, she looked at me and said, ‘Will you run it?’ And that was it. Being her long-time friend, there was no way I could say no. And she had faith in me, so I accepted the job. I quickly grabbed a napkin and starting jotting down all of her ideas.

Now, here we are 6 months later making it happen for Costume College 2019. Welcome to the start of the Friday Night Group Showcase! It may be just one year, it may be for several. But for this year, this is how you can get involved.

1. The theme of the Stage Show is based on the overall Costume College Theme: What’s That Fabric. We are asking for groups of 3-20 people to submit a participation form to be considered for the show. We have seen many FB and Yahoo or Gmail groups formed specifically to dress to a theme, this is your opportunity to showcase them! Details about participating on the website, Friday Night Group Showcase, sign up form.

2. The Show itself has a theme for the audience members who would still like to dress up, and that is the USO Showcase. This is to encourage a costume that is comfortable and won’t take a lot of space as seating will be similar to a theater. Come join us for a wonderful night of viewing amazing costuming, while encouraging our creative comrades!

Friday Night Group Showcase Rules!

Our Goal: To give you a focused time to show off your wonderful group creations to the other attendees of Costume College in a vibrant, variety show format.

1. All entrants must be registered as paid members of Costume College 2019.

2. Entries must be groups of 3 or more, consisting of one cohesive theme or look, with an emphasis on fabrics. It can be any theme whether sci-fi, fantasy, or historical. You do NOT need to fit the theme of USO Showcase.

3. You may purchase and assemble your outfits, but we highly encourage you to showcase original creations.

4. Our Showcase is rated PG-13, so please keep your “assets” covered.

5. Each group will have 15 seconds to get on stage, 90 seconds of performance/display time, and 15 seconds to exit the stage. You are welcome to use less time, but going over this time allotment requires approval of the Director. Large group entries may request additional time, but it must be pre-approved during Dress Rehearsal.

6. Our MC will introduce your group once you are ready on stage, however you will need to provide pre-recorded background music or dialogue to accompany your presentation. Audio must be submitted no later than June 30th, 2019. Music will NOT be provided.

7. Tech rehearsal is required on Friday between 1-5pm. You will be given a 15-minute time slot that will be used to block and practice your presentation on the stage. NOTE: If you are accepted into
a Limited Class that overlaps your rehearsal time, be sure to inform your instructor that you will need to leave class for a bit.

a. Your group will be scheduled for a rehearsal time and you will be notified of the it prior to the beginning of Costume College. If you need a different time, please let the committee know and we will work with you to find one that works for everyone.

b. Failure to participate in Tech Rehearsal may result in removal from the Showcase.

8. You must show up in the Green Room or staging area at least 20 minutes before the start of the Showcase or you may be removed from the presentation.

9. Showcase order will be given out at least 2 weeks in advance of Costume College. You must be in line and ready to go on stage when your group is called.

Additional rules for the presentation:

1. No fire or open flame will be allowed on stage. No throwing things off the stage. No special effects (flash bulbs, strobes, sparklers, etc.) that might endanger anybody will be allowed on stage.

2. No messy substances – wet, dry, sparkly, or oily – that might ruin another costume are allowed on stage or in the Green Room. This means no loose glitter or confetti, no unsealed body makeup, no loose powder, etc.
3. No weapons which might endanger people will be allowed on stage – edged steel, working projectile weapons, or real-world weaponry. Entrants must show all weapons to the Showcase Director at time of rehearsal to be approved. Prop weaponry is fine, but when in doubt, ask for the Director’s approval.
4. Fog machines or other fragrances that could trigger an allergic reaction will NOT be allowed.
5. Any special effects will need to be shown and approved at Dress Rehearsal.
6. Groups that require extra time getting on and off stage must be pre-arranged with the Showcase Director.
Remember, when in doubt, ask the Showcase Director! Don’t guess.

Sound: We request that you have a recording of sound or talking to accompany your presentation. You will need to submit the recording (no longer than 90 seconds) to the Director by June 30th. It can be electronic (preferred) or on CD.

Lights: Lighting cue is full lights at the beginning and fade to black at end of presentation.

Power: There will not be power cords/plugs on stage. Lights and other effects must be self-contained.

Stage: Our official stage dimensions will be announced as soon as we have that info. Plan on using stairs to enter/exit the stage. If you have mobility issues, please inform the Directors to see if accommodations can be made.

Entry Forms: Registration forms are available here, or on our Friday Night Social information page. Once we have reached our limit, we will start a waiting list. Several weeks before the beginning of Costume College, all groups will be confirmed. If your group is no longer able to meet the Showcase requirements, we will offer your place to someone on the waiting list.

–Diana Rotheneder, Showcase Director

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