Announcing the Costume College 2019 Bonus Track: “Celebrating Women ~ The 100th Anniversary of American Women’s Suffrage”

A note from our Assistant Dean:

We are thrilled to announce my Bonus Track, “Celebrating Women ~ The 100th Anniversary of American Women’s Suffrage”. The Bonus Track is a focused curriculum offered as part of the Costume College learning experience and will lead us into Costume College’s theme for 2020. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of American Women’s Suffrage is apropos to our current political climate. We must never forget the women who fought for our rights, as well as those who continue to do so every day. One can’t consider the suffrage movement without taking note of the changing role of women that really took off with WW1 when women first did the factory and production jobs of men while they were soldiering. As a result, fashion underwent huge changes from 1910-1920 that lead to the freedoms in fashion that women enjoy today. We are looking forward to an incredible Bonus Track next year to explore all of the aspects of these changes and their impact on fashion as we know it!

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