July 25-29, 2019, Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills, CA

Announcing Costume College 2018’s Time Traveler’s Gala theme!

Posted on Sep 21, 2017

The Royal Coronation Ball!


Lords & Ladies,

We herald you from your realms, and be ye Royalty or Nobility from Rome, England, Russia, Persia, Egypt, or some other distant land from our earthly maps (modern times or histories abroad) or be ye from the realms of Middle Earth, Narnia, Land of Fairies, Disney, Gelderland, Asgard, Florin, Atlantis, Camelot, Westeros, Endor, Mount Olympus, Nibiru, Zion or Valhalla (or where ever your heart desires), we beckon you to join! It shall be a grand feast and a night to be remembered!

– Gala Master Ed Morlan & Gala Mistress Jennifer Mulvey



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  1. Sue McDonald

    How much is it? Are there still tickets? How can I get them?

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