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Announcing Costume College 2018 Bonus Track theme: “What’s That Fabric?”

Posted on Sep 26, 2017

What’s That Fabric, you say?  That’s right!  Our bonus track this year is What’s That Fabric?!?  I am emphasizing the question and exclamation marks because it is often times I am watching a movie, show, or play and ask that exact question.  It is often I am working on a project’s fabric and straining my eyes to see anything that will give away it’s secret… is it a wool twill or a poly-cotton twill?  What the heck?  Silk or polyester?  You would not believe how similar these unidentifiable fabrics look alike in pictures or portraits or on screen.


So, I am taking it to the College.  Let’s help each other identify fabrics, source fabrics, manufacture fabrics, suggest fabric for SciFi, Fantasy, Anime, or identify what they used in historical clothing.  What do you use?  What do you recommend?  And will you teach a class on that for Costume College 2018?





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  1. Michele Guerra

    That sounds awesome. My 15 year old is going this year and she would really benefit from
    This class.

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