CGW is a club for amateurs and professionals who like to make historical, science fiction, or fantasy costumes.

CGW Event: Mela’s Easter Bonnet Extravaganza

mela5Ticket sales have been extended until April 12, 2014, at midnight.

Tickets are $35 for CGW and sister members and $65 for non-members. Click here to purchase tickets.

The tea is on Saturday, April 26, from 12-4pm, with tea served from one to three o’clock, and hat selections int he on-hour segments immediately before and after the tea.

The Lock and Noble Tea House is a private residence in Fullerton. The address will be provided to ticket holders one week prior to the tea.

What to wear: A hat or bonnet, naturally! We encourage you to wear a Mela creation if you own – or can beg, borrow or — No! We won’t encourage you to steal! — one, and its complementary costume. Any era or style is acceptable, though there will be no room for crinolines; gowns of that era will have to be modestly supported by a corded or flounced petticoat only. Haven’t got a Mela Hat or Bonnet? So long as you wear any hat or bonnet, you’re in You can even come in modern dress, if necessary, so long as you wear a …you know what.Mela4

The Bonus, for ticket holders only: the option to buy hats and bonnets by Mela. This is a welcome opportunity for costumers, as Atelier mela was not in the marketplace at Costume College 2013, nor will it be in 2014.