CGW is a club for amateurs and professionals who like to make historical, science fiction, or fantasy costumes.


Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. offers scholarships to Costume College!

Essay – for service, hardship, education, or skill

Essay scholarships are awarded by the CGW Scholarship Committee so that the individual may be rewarded for their service to the organization; OR be assisted due to hardship; OR be exposed to resources, gain experience and be encouraged in their costuming life. Scholarships may be awarded based on a combination of of these criteria or on a single one (so you don’t need to have financial hardship to win a scholarship, but you could win one based on that). You do not need to be a U.S. resident to apply for a Costume College Scholarship.

  • Read the CGW Scholarship Committee
  • July 1 – Costume College Scholarship Application available online.
  • September 30 – deadline for postmark or email of scholarship application
  • November 1 – All scholarship applicants will be notified of their status by email or telephone
  • November 30 – Scholarship winner list will be posted to the CGW website
  • December – Scholarship winners will be published in Squeals

Essay Scholarship winners awarded in 2016 will be awarded Costume College tuition and one hotel night for use at either 2016 or 2017 Costume College.

Essay Scholarships Awarded for Costume College 2016-17

Caryn DeCrisanti
Dawn Neueld
Donovan Sachs
Ed Morlan
Ellen Duran
Jennifer Mulvey
Joanne Powers
Joyce Bolin
Joyce McCarthy
Kaitlyn Rogal*
Kaitlynn Sofai
Leimomi Oakes
Marielena Mondragon
Melissa McGuire
Melissa Meza
Michaela de Bruce
Pamela Evola
Paul Villagomez
Regina Lawson
Sally Ricker
Samantha Bullat
Stephanie Graham


*Kaitlyn Rogal has been awarded a special scholarship by an anonymous donor. The special scholarship includes tuition, 2 hotel nights, and 1 gala ticket.

Outreach – skill-based scholarships

CGW participates in certain events to raise awareness of CGW in the community, as well as to assist costumers or organizations that involve costuming. The current list of outreach events are located on the CGW Events page, as they occur. Outreach events which have provided Costume College scholarships in the past include the Los Angeles County Fair (July-September), Comic-Con International: San Diego (July), Anime Expo (July), Long Beach Comic Con (September/October), Loscon Science Fiction Convention masquerade (November), Anime Los Angeles (January), Gallifrey Dr. Who Convention (February), Wondercon (March), and Costume Con (April/May).


General Rules for Los Angeles County Fair

CGW LA County Fair Contest rules 2016

Los Angeles County Fair CGW judging form

  • You do not have to reside in Los Angeles County
  • Entries are $2 each
  • You may enter as many costumes as you would like
  • All costumes must have been completed after July of the previous year- this does not limit the start date of the costume
  • Categories are Historical Interpretation or Reproduction AND Theatrical/Science Fiction/Fantasy/Anime/Video Game.
  • Up to 4 scholarships are awarded.
  • Costumes must be delivered to the fair on the L.A. County Fair’s schedule. They are usually kept from mid-July to early October.
  • If you are not able to deliver or pick up your costume, contact the CGW events coordinator to find out if there is a mail-in option or someone that can deliver your costume for you.
  • See the CGW Events page for further details.

The scholarship winners in the 2015 competition were awarded tuition and one hotel night for use at either 2016 or 2017 Costume College. In 2016, up to four scholarships will be awarded at the L.A. County Fair for use at either 2017 or 2018 Costume College.

L.A. County Fair Competition Awarded in 2015

Donna Lee Watson Julia Schrader-Clayton Lauren Ward Molly Smith

General masquerade rules for conventions:

  • You must be a member of the convention to enter the masquerade
  • Masquerades are generally on Friday or Saturday nights
  • You may usually enter as many costumes as you can find persons to wear them
  • There are usually two competitions: presentation and workmanship. Costume College scholarships are awarded for workmanship
  • There is usually one Costume College scholarship offered per masquerade
  • Judges may elect not to award a scholarship, at their discretion

CGW Judges for masquerades are instructed to look for the person who could benefit most from a scholarship to Costume College. This usually means someone who is showing promise in their costume, but they’re not quite there. We don’t necessarily award to the very best costume we see. The judges will try to speak to each contestant to find out whether a contestant would be able to attend Costume College, and to determine if Costume College would be of benefit to them in their costuming journey and/or if the contestant would be interested in teaching at Costume College after they have had the opportunity to attend one of our events.

Masquerade Scholarship winners in the 2015-16 season were/will be awarded tuition and one hotel night for use at either 2016 or 2017 Costume College.

Masquerade Awards to Costume College, given in 2016

Anime L.A. (1/30/16) –

Gallifrey (2/13/16) – Rebecca Radillo

Wondercon  Los Angeles (3/26/16) –

Costume Con (4/16) –

Anime Expo (07/2/16) –

Comic-Con International: San Diego (7/23/16) –

Long Beach Comic Con (9/17/16)

Loscon (11/26/16) –

Note that the conventions listed above have Masquerades where Costume College would like to award a scholarship. If you are a CGW member attending one of these conventions or you are involved with the running of the masquerade at one of these events, please contact the scholarship committee.

Service – for working volunteers

These Scholarships are granted in recognition of all the time and work donated to the Guild and/or College during the year to help create the events or guide the group as a whole. They are awarded at Costume College

  • Member of the Year
  • Volunteer Raffle

The Service Scholarship winner in 2014 was awarded tuition for use at either 2015 or 2016 Costume College.


CGW Member of the Year 2014

Colleen Crosby

Procedures for Scholarship Winners

Scholarship winners may take their award in either the year named or the following year. In your award letter, you will be given a registration code. Winners are responsible for using this code to register on the Costume College registration webpage. Once you have used this code, you are subject to all rules of other registered students. Costume College Scholarships have no cash value, so you will not be eligible for a refund. If your award includes a hotel room (as stated in your award letter), you are responsible for making a reservation with the hotel and forwarding that registration number to our hotel liaison. You may wish to share a room with another scholarship winner to combine your hotel night awards.


Scholarships are paid for through Donations, Raffle tickets, Early Bird Marketplace Tickets, Bargain Basement sales and the CGW General Fund. Special Scholarships are sometimes completely funded by a single donation, and they are sometimes given from the general fund.

Memorial Scholarships have been given in the name of a person who was important to our costuming community.