CGW is a club for amateurs and professionals who like to make historical, science fiction, or fantasy costumes.


What is the purpose of CGW?

  • To serve the community at large which includes, but is not limited to, the State of California.
  • To promote the educational, cultural, literary, artistic and theatrical advancement of costume design and construction, and the influence of clothing, fabrics, technology and design upon societies and cultures, as well as the effects of the mores of societies and cultures upon the choice of costume design, colors and fabrics in the community at large.
  • To promote community goodwill toward the costuming community by providing informational, technical, and research assistance to schools, theatrical groups, and other public and private institutions and organizations.
  • To provide a public forum for the discussion of costume, clothing, and other related subjects through publications, conferences, and other special projects and activities in the community.