CGW is a club for amateurs and professionals who like to make historical, science fiction, or fantasy costumes.



Costumer’s Guild West, Inc.
1917 Crestshire Drive
Glendale, CA 91208
(Mailing address only)

The 2016-2017 board of directors:

President: Mela Hoyt-Heyden
Vice President: Cynthia Aronin
Treasurer: Annette Grace
Corresponding Secretary: Athena Dryden
Recording Secretary: Zoe Jones
Director at Large: Heather Pritchett
Director at Large: Cheryl Avirom
Director at Large: Maryann Jones

2016-2017 Committees & Appointed Positions
(Note that the president is on all committees):

Community Calendar: Patti Buckley
Costume College: Heather Pritchett, Dean
Events Coordinator: Rebecca Thelin
Facebook Group moderation, CGW: Eric Gerds, Becky Thelin, Colleen Crosby
Facebook Group moderation, Costume College: Eric Gerds, Rebecca Thelin, Colleen Crosby, Dani Crum, Heather Pritchett
Historian: Becky Thelin
Membership Development:
Operations Department:  Eileen Smolenski, Operations Director
Outreach Coordinator: Lorri Gums
Parliamentarian: Eileen Smolenski
Scholarship: Colleen Crosby, Dani Crum, Lorri Gum, Patti Buckley, Maryann Jones
Social Media: Becky Thelin
Squeals newsletter: Rebecca Howard
Website: Colleen Crosby & Gillian Bailey
Yahoo! Group moderation: Becky Thelin, Zoe Jones, Maryann Jones

If you are unsure of who can help you:

Do you have a question about the way the CGW works? Or even what it is? Contact our our Member Development chair or our President.

Do you have questions about CGW events? Contact our Vice President.

Do you have questions about Costume College? Contact our Dean or Assistant Dean.

Do you have questions about payments for dues, refunds for Costume College® or a check that hasn’t been cashed? (Please allow six to eight weeks for checks to be processed before inquiring.) Contact our bookkeeper, Natalie Meyer.

Are you interested in submitting an article to Squeals, the CGW newsletter? Are you getting Squeals? (Are you a member? – if not, join now!) For these and other items about our newsletter, contact our editor.

Would you like to know about minutes of meetings, the By-Laws or the web page? Contact the Recording Secretary, Zoe Jones.

If you need an effective ombudsman, we have Directors at Large, whose duty is to carry members’ concerns to the Board as a whole. Please e-mail them for comments, suggestions, or just to find out what they think about CGW things. They are:

Heather Pritchett
Cheryl Avirom
Maryann Jones

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