CGW is a club for amateurs and professionals who like to make historical, science fiction, or fantasy costumes.


Each year, Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. honors outstanding members of our guild. These awards are presented at the Friday Night Ice Cream Social at Costume College each year. Current members of the board of directors are not eligible for Member of the Year or Gratitude of the Guild awards.

Member of the Year is awarded to the one most outstanding CGW member of the year and comes with a membership to the following year’s Costume College.
Gratitude of the Guild is awarded to one or more people who shined in their assistance for CGW in any of its efforts during the year and usually comes with a thank you gift.
Special Awards may be awarded by the board, as well.

The board of directors makes the final decision on all awards, but input from the general membership is very welcome. Please let a Director at Large or other board member know if you feel that someone has gone the extra mile for us.

If you have any information on past awards not listed here, please forward them to

2016 Awards


We would like to honor both Liz and Eric Gerds as Members of the Year for their very long term commitment to Costumer’s Guild West and Costume College. Historically our Annual Member of the Year Award has gone to one individual but since Liz and Eric work so often as a team in much of what they do for CGW, we are granting them a joint award. This Membership of the Year award comes with two Costume College Memberships for 2017

CGW would like to honor Tom Lockhart, one of our equipment ninjas, for his truly dedicated support for at least the last 14 years for making sure our Costume College equipment is where it is supposed to be a running correctly. He is one of the silent faces of our operations department. Thank you, Tom. The Gratitude of the Guild award includes a $50 gift certificate to Costume College Market Place

Cheryl Avirom has worked enthusiastically for CGW for many years, and helps keep us up-to-date with news of historical fashion research, and costuming exhibits. She has recently also been taking a much more proactive role in Outreach for our costume guild. For her continuing dedication CGW offers her this Gratitude of the Guild Award. The Gratitude of the Guild award includes a $50 gift certificate to the Market Place.

From practically the first moment Michelle McAvoy, came to Costume College she volunteered to help out with student programming. She works diligently to help every student get as many as possible of their choices of the limited classes at Costume College each year. That in itself is an undertaking worthy of much more than this single Gratitude of the Guild Award. Thank you, Michelle. The Gratitude of the Guild award includes a $50 gift certificate to the Market Place.

2015 Awards
We would like to honor Maegen Hensley as Member of the Year for her many years commitment to Costumer’s Guild West and Costume College. In addition to serving multiple years on the CGW Board of Directors, acting as Costume College Dean in 2009 and for many years as hotel liaison. She is our “go to” person any and every time the CGW Board or the Costume College committee needs to interact with the hotel. Throughout the year she negotiates a very beneficial contract with the hotel, works to get our room rates as low as possible, answers numerous questions regarding hundreds of details and helps coordinate all of the catering needs for the Friday Night Social, the Saturday Evening Gala, Sunday’s Breakfast and Tea, the Hospitality Room and the staff Boardroom. Without Maegen’s diligent efforts throughout the years it would be impossible to keep the cost of attending Costume College reasonable.

We would like to honor Shawn Crosby with our gratitude for his ongoing favorable representation of Costumer’s Guild West to the public. Shawn helps to spread the knowledge of CGW by judging numerous costume masquerades, and awarding Costume College Scholarships, at various conventions through the southland. He also has provided a tremendous amount of audiovisual support for Costume College, and has acted as D.J. for the Saturday Night Gala for numerous years.

We would like to honor Tim Jones with our gratitude for his truly dedicated support to the smooth running of Costume College.  Many of you will recognize Tim from your visits to our Hospitality Suite during the past several years where he was always ready with warm words of welcome. Last year he worked as our Operations Assistant, despite the fact that he had to get up a lot earlier in the morning, helping keep all the computers, video screens, irons etc. necessary for our multiple and varied classes in good working order during the day and then volunteered in the Hospitality Suite each evening.

CGW is offering Annette Grace a special Thank You for demonstrating outstanding courage by letting us talk her into fulfilling the remaining term of CGW Treasurer that was left vacant when the previous elected individual resigned from her position at the end of November 2014. Annette did not know what she was getting into but she has certainly filled the position admirably. Not only does she understand the requirements of Guild Treasurer and work well with Natalie Meyer our bookkeeper but she also has taken the lead in ensuring that Costume College has what it needs to run smoothly. She is a wonderful asset to the Costumer’s Guild West Board of Directors.


2014 Awards
Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. hereby recognizes Colleen Crosby for her gracious sense of guidance and decorum as Member of the Year.

Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. would like to extend the Gratitude of the Guild for her dedication to the Operations Department to Alison Lockhart.

2013 Awards
We would like to honor Heather Pritchett as Member of Year for her hard work and dedication to programming over the last few years. Programming is one of the most difficult positions in Costume College, and Heather has handled the challenges with  equanimity and poise.

We would like to honor Cat Slater and Mela Hoyt-Heydon with our Gratitude for  their years of service as co-chairs of the Marketplace.

The law firm of Nixon Peabody LLP has been of invaluable assistance to Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. They have guided us through forming our corporation and obtaining our non-profit status, assisted us with defending our name and logo for both Costume College and CGW, helped us to back the rights of our volunteer teachers, waded through a morass of difficulties with our website, and aided us with a myriad of other legal matters. For all this, Costumer’s Guild West is very Grateful.

2012 Awards 
We would like to honor Emily Taggart as Member of Year for her amazing efforts, despite the fact that she relocated to Virginia last year. She writes articles and has done copy editing for most of the issues of Squeals this term. She is the Yahoo! Group monitor, which is a daily task. She proofread both the Registration Book and the Program Book on short notice, and she is our print shop for Costume College 2012, designing the gala and tea tickets, name badges and all the signs.

We would like to honor Mela Hoyt-Heyden with our Gratitude for her ongoing generosity in opening her home for large Costume College events, like the packet stuffing. She is always ready to offer input and advice. She has been a teacher and the co-chair of the Marketplace for many years. She hosted two CGW events in the 2011-2012 year.  Additionally, Mela has accepted the position of assistant dean of Costume College 2013.

Dani Crum has acted as an event liaison this year, while at the same time training to take on the role of Membership Development Chair next year. She is the assistant ice cream social chair, as well. We expect big things of her in the future!

Chantal Filson taught workshops during the year for CGW, as well as assisting on the Displays Committee.

2012 Special Thank You For Services to the Guild – Natalie Meyer

2011 Awards
Member of the Year – Diane Yoshitomi
Gratitude of the Guild: Tonya Clevenger

2010 Awards
2010 Member of the Year – Becca Metzger
2010 Gratitude of the Guild: Emily Taggart, Margaret Monos and Joann Nolan

2009 Awards
2009 Member of the Year – Elizabeth McCash
2009 Gratitude of the Guild: Karen LaVoie

2008 Awards
2008 Member of the Year – Heather Pritchett

2007 Awards
2007 Gratitude of the Guild: Colleen Crosby


1992 Awards
1992 Member of the Year: Cat Devereaux
1992 Gratitude of the Guild:
Julie Zetterberg
Mari Ann Woodward
Robin Schindler
Gray Anderson
Zelda Gilbert
Great Bay Area Costumers Guild